Petitions – Grizzly Bear Protection / Stop Palm Oil Forest Destruction.

Dear Mark,

In June the Trump administration took Yellowstone-area grizzly bears off the list of animals protected by the Endangered Species Act. But there’s been a big problem with the legality of that decision that’s at last being addressed — and it could save these bears from dying in cruel, state-sponsored trophy hunts.

Tell the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to act on this evidence and reverse its earlier decision to stop protecting grizzlies.

The Service is asking the public to weigh in on the legality of its delisting rule because of a recent case in the D.C. Court of Appeals. The D.C. court rightly voided a rule stripping protections from Great Lakes wolves because of the harm that rule would cause other recovering wolf populations. The flaws are identical to those in the grizzly bear rule.

Take a minute to tell the Service it can’t paper over these legal flaws and must restore protection to Yellowstone’s grizzlies. The comment period closes on Monday, Jan. 8 — so please send a letter today.

Action Link –






Save Pristine Rainforest From Destructive Palm Oil Expansion

Target: Lukas Enembe, Governor of Papua

Goal: Save the rain forests of Papua by stopping the expansion of a destructive palm oil plantation.

A rare and untouched rainforest in Papua, Indonesia has seen an area the size of Washington, D.C. be destroyed to make room for a single palm oil plantation. In only three years, 77 square miles of forest have been cleared.

This deforestation has disastrous effects on our environment. Its CO2 emission equals the CO2 emission that over 2.1 million cars would release. In addition, the habitats of thousands of animals have been destroyed.

This rampant destruction should be put to an end immediately before the rest of this land is lost forever.

Sign the petition to demand that a permanent halt be placed on the expansion of this palm oil plantation. Protect what is left of Indonesia’s beautiful landscape.


Dear Governor Enembe,

In only three years, 77 square miles of Papua’s once untouched rainforest have been destroyed. This is the size of Washington, D.C. This causes an unimaginable amount of damage to the environment. CO2 emission has increased by the millions and habitats have been lost by the thousands.

What is left of Papua’s rainforest should be protected and preserved. This action begins with ending the expansion of the region’s palm oil plantations. Cherish what is left of your nation’s natural wonders. Don’t destroy it.


[Your Name Here]


Petition LINK –










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