27/2/18 – Actions.

It’s a bit ‘parky’ here in the UK at the moment.  Most of Europe is being hit at the moment by really cold conditions coming in from Siberia; which is being called ‘the beast from the East’.

Here are a few pictures of our bonsai trees this morning; complete with snow.

We are not griping about it as we know many visitors to this site would dream of some good rain or snow conditions where they live; we appreciate that and feel very lucky that we have lots of rain and snow – which makes the UK the wonderful green environment which it is.


Please give a thought for all the strays in Serbia and Europe at this time. 

Help them by visiting the following:


In parts of Serbia it will be down to -14 degrees at night.

Stray dogs will be really suffering in this cold.

It costs 35 Euros to build and fully fit out a stray dog house with straw.

Please help support this if you can.


See more at – https://www.facebook.com/svetlana.davidovic?hc_ref=ARQmpc-LuearLocjJCWVjAUdUQqUf8Tc3hBLHl9y5dJXOBi6bJkq1PIFbZVoApj6ORo


PayPal:jojacvetko @gmail.com


You can visit SAV Facebook page and see so many excellent groups and people asking for help to care for their animals at:



Here are a few other issues that possibly you could give your attention to today.


Hi Mark, this is the photo of the dogs who were illegally collected from the street in Vranje, Serbia and dumped on area where they leave garbage.

They were rescued by animal welfare org Borba za život – Vranje, which is just now fighting against Avenija MB, notorious dogs killers, March is tomorrow, with us Koalicija za Zivot Srbija No kill coalition.

The world should know about this, but, real facts, not these.

This is the article, original, not translated, but Serbian Animals Voice has nothing with it.




80 Dogs and Cats Found Sick, Stacked in Crates and Living in Urine Must Not be Returned to Owner


Petition link –  https://forcechange.com/474398/dont-return-dogs-to-owner-who-allegedly-kept-them-stacked-in-filthy-crates-and-starving/?vsmaid=14912&vcid=1121877


US Olympian Gus Kenworthy rescues 90 dogs from Korean dog meat farm


China going vegan?

Massive decline in meat consumption, vegetarian restaurants double in 5 years in Shanghai

More and more people in China are switching to vegetarian food. In China, a country which is the world’s largest market for beef, pork, and poultry, eateries are going all vegan to encash this popular sentiment.

Han Lili, a Shanghai-based artist told PTI that the number of vegan restaurants has multiplied from 49 in 2012 to more than 100 last year in China’s largest city.

Read more –  http://www.financialexpress.com/world-news/china-going-vegan-massive-decline-in-meat-consumption-vegetarian-restaurants-double-in-5-years-in-shanghai/1079511/


Almost 12 months ago you persuaded the European Parliament to vote against the worst cruelties in rabbit farming. Compassion supporters like you campaigned relentlessly to achieve this historic breakthrough. But, a year later, millions of rabbits are in the same cramped cages and filthy conditions.


Action – https://action.ciwf.org.uk/page/19713/action/1?ea.tracking.id=7774353c&utm_campaign=cageage&utm_source=actionemail&utm_medium=email&ea.url.id=1270359


Video from CIWF – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_GMroUpGDIA



Sign: Justice for Abandoned Puppy Wrapped in Plastic on Freezing Sidewalk


Take action – https://ladyfreethinker.org/sign-justice-dog-found-wrapped-plastic-freezing-sidewalk/



Dog Reportedly Burned By Propane Torch, Beaten With Board Deserves Justice


Action – https://animalpetitions.org/581942/dog-allegedly-beaten-and-burned-with-propane-torch-deserves-justice/?vsmaid=14876&vcid=1121877



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