Vietnam: Stop The Bloody Boar Fights – Petition To Sign.


ACT NOW: Stop Bloody Boar Fights in Vietnam!

Shocking footage has emerged of a pack of dogs ripping a terrified boar limb from limb, as part of a LEGAL organised dog fight. Urgent animal protection laws are needed to end this savage cruelty. Sign the petition now!

Devastating footage on social media shows crowds cheering as an exhausted boar runs for his life. His screams of pain and fear can be heard as he is set upon by a pack of baying dogs… trained to kill.


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The footage has sparked outrage in Vietnam, but these organised ‘death battles’ – between dogs and boars fleeing for their lives are nothing new in Vietnam. One crowd member even commented, “We will continue doing it because it isn’t illegal.


And boar aren’t the only victims of this vicious blood sport…


Dogs used as killing-machines are treated as nothing more than sporting equipment. Often chained, mutilated, and treated cruelly to make them more aggressive.


Two years ago, the Vietnamese government passed its first Animal Health Law. Yet, there are currently no laws to protect animals from harm, or punish animal abusers.

When barbaric cruelty like these sick organised dog fights can go unpunished, and leave authorities powerless to act, urgent changes are needed…

Please, join us in calling on the Vietnam Government to update the law to include animal protection regulations, and strong punishments for those who commit acts of violence against animals.

Act now, call for urgent animal welfare laws in Vietnam. Please, sign the petition now…

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17/5/18. ?? Dont Know What To Call This !

Free-ranging nightingales should be captured for animal experimentation!

The animal welfare associations of the Federal Government, Berlin and Brandenburg are sounding the alarm.

It’s about three nightingales and about the principle.

An animal experiment with nightingales, initially rejected by the Brandenburg authorities, has now been approved. For the experiment, three male nightingales who live free in the nature are to be captured. According to the German Animal Protection Association, these are said to bear offspring in the laboratory with three captive-bred females, which will then be used for animal experiments.


The prehistory: The Behavioral Biologist Dr. Daniela Vallentin is planning an animal experiment in which nightingales will be drilled out of the skull to implant probes into their brains. At the end of the experiment, the animals are killed. The biologist is interested in the neural principles of vocal communication of birds. She hopes to gain insight into human autism from the results of the experiment. For this there should be subsidies from the EU amounting to 1.5 million euros.

The Animal Welfare Association for Berlin (TVB), the German Animal Welfare Association and its regional association Brandenburg strictly reject such animal experiments.

The animal rights activists make it clear that the transferability of the findings of nightingale songs to a complex neurological developmental disorder such as autism is highly questionable. “We urge the state of Brandenburg to withdraw the permission to catch the nightingales. Wild animals, including their offspring, should not be used for animal experiments”.

The Brandenburg State Environmental Agency responded differently. It granted permission to capture three male nightingales in this country, presumably in Potsdam city. A spokesman for the agency emphasized that nightingales with 25,000 breeding pairs are not on the list of endangered animals. Their stocks even increase year by year by two percent. In addition, they have made it to the condition that the animals are released in time for the winter train back to freedom. The offspring is then scheduled for the experiments.

Ellen Schütze, leader of the animal welfare association of Brandenburg, is outraged.

What is being planned at the Free University is pure basic research in her eyes.

Or as she puts it: “It’s all about scientific curiosity.” Animal experiments could not be justified. She submits to the scientist that the reference to human diseases primarily serves to justify the application. For medical research, there are other possibilities beyond animal testing.

Schütze and her fellow campaigners are annoyed, that different standards are being measured across the border. According to the motto: If something is not allowed in Berlin, you just go to Brandenburg and thus circumvent the conditions. Therefore, they call for uniform nationwide regulations on animal testing.

The Free University had no comments on Wednesday.

Comment: And we thought we had seen everything!!
Our sadistic conspecifics make it possible to shock us, to disguast us, to be ashamed of the moral decay of our species.


It is the first time that a minister has stepped down due to animal welfare undercover material!!





The pressure on Christina Schulze- Föcking (Christian Democrat Union, CDU ) has become too big in the end.

The North Rhine Westphalia Agriculture and Environment Minister has been under attack for months. When the opposition is about to push through a committee of inquiry, she gives up. On Tuesday (15.05.2018) she declares her resignation.


Due to undercover shots courageous animal rights activists in the domestic pigsty operation of the Christian Democrat, she stood for months in the criticism.

Shortly after assuming office, Schulze Föcking was confronted with video footage from the stables of the family business in “Stern TV”. There were pictures of injured animals: pigs with inflamed joints, purulent bumps and open wounds.

Schulze- Föcking does not comment on the allegations that have accompanied her since the beginning of her term in office.

Not a word on issues of animal husbandry in the domestic fattening, or the alleged “hacker attack” on her television. “I stand by all content-related decisions that I have made in this office,” she says only. (In the past week it was announced that the so called hacker attack was due to an operating error of the WLAN device by Christina Schulze-Föckings!!!)

“The price of the political office is too high ”

As a reason for her resignation Schulze Föcking called instead hostility in the network. She has experienced threats in the past months and weeks, “which I never thought possible and which have far exceeded the measure of the humanly reasonable,” she says visibly moved.

“The price of my political office for my family is too high.”!!
Schulze- Föcking now apparently wants to remain as a Member of Parliament. Who their successor is, is still unknown. Prime Minister of the State of North Rhine Westphalia Armin Laschet (CDU) did not comment on this.

No committee of inquiry at the moment

MPs from the Social Democratic Party and the Greens were dissatisfied with the minister’s statement. However, the two groups postponed the decision on a committee of inquiry. After the resignation of the Minister, the Prime Minister of North Rhine Westphalia Laschet should have the opportunity to answer the many unanswered questions. He would have the opportunity on Wednesday (16.05.2018) at a question time in the state parliament.

It may be the first time that a minister has stepped down due to animal welfare undercover material and subsequent pressure from the animal welfare movement!
However, the government has until now the scandal downplayed!!

Short Comment: The only moment when such a minister will be nice to me is when she resigns.


Venus, with my best regards to all