There is probably no difference between simple Amazon packages and animals!


The killing of 20,000 chicks at Brussels Airport causes trouble in Belgium. Several politicians responded on Tuesday outraged that the animals intended for Africa were gassed at the weekend because of a transport problem. The Flemish Greens deputy Bart Caron spoke of an incident as in “Absurdistan”.


The chicks were supposed to be flown to Kinshasa in the Congo. But the departure failed twice for technical reasons, as the news agency Belga reported. Accordingly, the transport container was on the asphalt in the burning sun all weekend. The exporter did not want to take back the container according to media reports. To stop the suffering of the animals, they should finally be gassed on Sunday evening. The airport fire brigade refused and therefore their colleagues from neighboring Zaventem were called and took action.

The action triggered outrage in Belgium. “In any case, the responsible exporter must be held accountable, maybe even the airport itself,” said the “Green” Caron. His non-party colleague Hermes Sanctorum said: “It has come to the point that the most animal-friendly solution to transports is killing.” There is probably no difference between simple Amazon packages and animals. The deputy Jelle Engelbosch of the Flemish nationalist N-VA, however, spoke of a “necessary, urgent decision”. (AP)

My Comment:  When PETA compared the lives of animals in farms with the Holocaust several years ago, “sensitive” citizens were schocked!!
This mass murder of 20,000 creatures in Brussels, or more precisely their gassing according to the well-known fascist methods of the Nazis, confirms that animals today are still the victims of a daily holocaust that will never end.

Because, as Isaak Bashevic Singer says: “when it comes to animals, everyone becomes a Nazi.
For the animals every day is Treblinka” . Or Brussels.

My regards to all