Canada: A Wild Canadian Lynx And A Cameraman Develop An Amazing Relationship.

A Wild Canadian Lynx And A Cameraman Develop An Amazing Relationship.



Netherlands / Poland: Minks from Holland transported in horrible conditions.


News just in from FRIEND Lesley – founder OF EoA in the Netherlands.


Minks from Holland transported in horrible conditions

Recently we were in Poland conducting inspections of animal trucks. We stopped a horrible transport truck originating from The Netherlands with hundreds of mink on board in tiny dirty wire cages. They were heading to fur farms in Poland. The animals were completely stressed.

They were trying to break free of their cages, performing stereotypic behaviour such as repetitive biting and licking at their cages and making heart-breaking sounds.


The cages were stacked in a sloppy way, with many animals having to endure standing on a sloping floor. Some of the mink had escaped and were running around the truck.

Eyes on Animals together with our partners TSB|AWF are now in touch with the Dutch and Polish authorities about this, and we are going to expose it via the media.

It is completely unacceptable that, in 2018, animals be transported in such a way.


SAV Comment

– The price of a fur coat ! – disgusting; and this is even before they suffer at the farm !