The “lame duck”: Angela Merkel’s journey into her own insignificance.


 The influence of Angela Merkel, both in Germany and in the EU, has not brought anything good for the animals. On the contrary, their lackeys have distinguished themselves more as lobbyists in the chemical and agricultural industries. But the era Merkel comes to an end.


We can summarize the mood in the media as follows.

Angela Merkel’s time is over. This is becoming increasingly clear in her international appearances, during which the allegedly once most influential woman in the world fades more and more into a peripheral character.
In American usage, there is the term “lame duck”.

It finds use above all in the political context to describe an incumbent, who has lost all influence and its successor is long in the starting blocks. The last cannot be determined in the case of the German Chancellor, although behind the crumbling façade already some of the competitors appear, which should soon start the race …

Her fruitless trip to the United States, in which the American President was only given a few hours to relentlessly disclose the poverty of the erstwhile powerful woman, has set all the alarm bells ringing in the German executive floors.

Nobody will ever understand what brought the pastor’s daughter from Templin to the crazy idea, that she would be able to compete with someone like Trump, who would be superior to her in all matters, except perhaps her Russian and mathematical skills.

The Chancellor’s last visit was rated by both German and American press as a work routine,
in which nothing went wrong, but at least in the short term should change little.

This applies to both the US and US steel and aluminum trade disputes, as well as the nuclear deal with Iran or NATO defense spending.

Anyway, Merkel, does not matter to the US president, and also in Europe, Macron prefers to do his own thing. Because there is no unity in Transfer Union anyway, Macron reshuffles the EU just without Merkel to the French “Cash Cow”.

Only a few loyalists are remained in Brussels, who need Angela Merkel to fulfill their own political agenda. For these, however, the German Chancellor is of little use. And the allies have become rare. It is a matter of time before Merkel loses her last bastion.

Three more years Merkel cannot cope with this country any more – let’s hope that this will not only be recognized by the powerful entrepreneurs, but eventually by the other stirrup owners as well. For the benefit of Germany and Europe.