“Everything is ready for the hunt.”




In the much-read German website “Zeit On Line” was published an interview with the Icelandic fisherman Kristjan Loftsson, one of the richest men in his country. It is a long interview, and that’s why I will not translate the whole thing. You’ll find the link at the end of this post.

The interview came on the occasion of upcoming wale slaughter in Iceland, which begins on 10 June 2018 and lasts 90 days.

Three countries are still hunting whales commercially: Norway, Japan and Iceland. Almost all hunters pursue mink whales.

I find some points of the argument of the businessman Loftsson outrageous, hypocritical and built on a criminal logic. I will comment only on it.


1.DIE ZEIT: Mr. Loftsson, for many you are the embodiment of the unconscionable butcher – someone who artificially keeps an outdated practice alive. Does not that bother you?
KRISTJAN LOFTSSON: It is always the same people who speak out with the same arguments. Like an old record that has a jump. I don`t care about that. You must not forget that activism is also a business model. These people will not stop. If we do not hunt fin-whales anymore, they jump on the mink whales. And if we stop that, they continue the protest against fishing. These antis are against everything!

Comment: If Mr. Loftsson think that activists like Captain Watson or others, who drive in the field to stop the slaughter of these highly intelligent animals, do it because they are just only the “antis”, then he is more stupid than evil.

And I sincerely hope established animal rights activists will “take care” of his killer fleet.

2.DIE ZEIT: You’re probably pleased that you surprised your opponents by announcing that they were back to fool fin hunting.
KRISTJAN LOFTSSON: No! this is about the business.

Comment: And what kind of business is that, when he says:” We shoot the animals with harpoons with explosives attached fixed on the tips?”

3.DIE ZEIT: Your critics point out that whales are more sophisticated, some communicate with each other via language, and above all they are threatened worldwide – by climate change, pollution, noise, fishing and shipping.
KRISTJAN LOFTSSON: Nevertheless, there is no fundamental difference between whaling and fishing. And those who want to talk about threats, need to look at the numbers: the estimates of how many fin whales there are in the area we hunt are around 40,000. Our quota is 161. We still have odds left from the previous year, so we can kill 190 whales.

Comment: Of course! ethic is for some people just a matter of statistics ….
If a rapist rapes “only” 161 women, he finds the number very low, compared to the number of women he could potentially rape!

4.DIE ZEIT: There is no lucrative interest in whale meat, even in Iceland. For whaling, which is rejected internationally by almost all countries anyway, it disappears any justification, don`t you think?

KRISTJAN LOFTSSON: Do you know what, according to the World Health Organization, is the biggest food problem on earth? … iron deficiency! … And do you know which group of animals has the most iron in their flesh? …. the sea mammals! We are now considering whether we can freeze their meat, grind it, and process it in powder form into a dietary supplement. That would be a bio-alternative to iron tablets, which the body cannot process very well anyway. We are experimenting with that. And if we succeed, we will focus on it.

Comment: From a cynical point of my view, a deceased human being is certainly even better suited as a basis for nutritional supplements!!

We exploit the third world countries, because we use grain as food for our “useful” animals and let people die of hunger. The world grain harvest is 2 billion tons per year. 500,000 are fed to the livestock of the rich nations, while per day, (and according to UN statistics) 43,000 children worldwide die from hunger (not from iron deficiency!!).
If the Wal-Killer Loftsson believes, that he will solve the world problem of hunger with the powder of 190 whales, then he thinks we are very stupid!!

5.DIE ZEIT: Are you serious? You want to grind the second largest animal in the world to powder? Want to make whale supplements to fight malnutrition in other parts of the world?
KRISTJAN LOFTSSON: At the moment, conditions such as the Washington Convention do not prevent us from exporting worldwide. But that’s something we have to fight as well.

Comment: There’s something too, we -the “antis”- have to fight for, Mr.Loftsson! Promised!
We will fight further and hard against the mass murder of all animals, animals of the sea, animals of the farms…

After many years of education, people already think differently about meat consumption.
I hope that it will be the last year for the bloody business of the Icelandic Loftsson.

Best regards