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Below – foxes taken from the front door – they come round for some food every evening – and they get it ! – we use their fur colour (see the really dark patch over the back hip on the one below) or a white tail tip as a means of identifying individuals.  At the moment they are carrying a lot of food away – so we assume they have little baby cubs somewhere.

Links to 2 really brilliant English fox fan sites – look and enjoy:

The National Fox Welfare Society (NFWS) – covers London and surrounding areas.

The Fox Project / Southern Wildlife Ambulance Network – situated in our home county of Kent.








Japan: It Slaughtered Over 120 Pregnant Whales in Annual Antarctica Summer Hunt.

Japan Slaughtered Over 120 Pregnant Whales in Annual Antarctica Summer Hunt

A prominent animal rights group has expressed outrage at Japan’s controversial whaling program after it emerged that more than 120 pregnant whales were slaughtered last year during the country’s annual hunt in the Antarctic Ocean.

Latest figures show that 333 minke Antarctic whales were killed last summer, 181 of which were females and 122 of which were pregnant.

The annual summer hunt, which lasted 143 days, killed 61 immature males and 53 immature females or 114 in total, according to meeting papers from the International Whaling Commission’s scientific committee.

Humane Society International senior program manager Alexia Wellbelove criticized the “cruelty of Japan’s whale hunt.”




Serbia: Ruma Kill Facility Update – 15 Dogs Saved and 10 Reerved for Next Visit Very Soon.

We recently published and appeal regarding a horrific kill facility located in Ruma which is in Serbia.  The words from activists who visited are as follows:

This so called shelter, has no rules, no regulations, every animal care law flouted in every possible way and nobody in in authority gives a damn.

We can’t even begin to tell you what we’ve seen here. It left us without words. Our souls hurt from the gruesome suffering we experienced when we entered here.  

This is worse than anything we have ever seen in Serbia, ever. It has disturbed us forever.  The horrors we witnessed in here when we visited was almost beyond comprehension as a human. Rotting dogs slowly dying. Sick, injured, just left rotting in pain. Dead dogs hacked up being used as food for the dying ones. 

Today (29/5) we have been in contact with the activists who first attempted to enter the facility on 21/5 – they were stopped.  But we have been given an update; and on 23/5 activists did actually enter the facility.

They say:

We entered Ruma kill station on 23rd, after filling written complains to the authorities.

On that day 15 lives are saved, 10 are reserved and we announced going back.

After our complains, we were accompanied with the Head man of Municipity of Ruma during our rescue. We were determined to open this horrible place and we made it!!!




Yulin 2018 – Latst News.

As Yulin festival approaches, crowdsourced reporting of dog and cat meat illegality has saved dog lives across China

Thousands of dogs in cities all over China are estimated to have been saved as public outrage over illegality puts pressure on dog meat sellers.

China’s infamous Yulin dog meat festival will once again coincide with the summer solstice on June 21. Historically, the festival was believed to see the deaths of an estimated 10,000 dogs annually, and in recent years the number was reported to have dropped significantly to an estimated 1,000 canines losing their lives. However, throughout China, an estimated 10,000,000 dogs are killed annually as part of the dog meat industry.

Yulin is just the tip of the iceberg, accounting for as little as just 0.01% of dogs slaughtered for the meat industry in China annually.

In an effort to combat the massive number of dogs lost to the meat industry throughout China, global animal welfare non-profit Animals Asia has turned its focus to combatting the larger year-round dog meat industry that sees millions of dogs killed, rather than the isolated Yulin event that lasts just a couple of days and is responsible for a fraction of that number. The organisation’s philosophy is to empower concerned Chinese citizens to act against the illegality prevalent in the dog meat industry.

Only four months after Animals Asia launched an online platform empowering the Chinese public to report suspected illegal activities by restaurants serving dog and cat meat in their communities, the impact has potentially saved thousands of lives.

  • 200 dog meat restaurants in 101 cities reported to local government

  • 19 restaurants closed down

  • 16 given official warnings from the government

  • Thousands of dogs estimated to have been saved

Animals Asia’s Cat and Dog Welfare Director, Irene Feng said:

“Not only has the public been given a tool with which to defend their communities from the cruelty, theft and health risks associated with dog meat, the government has been given a helping hand in identifying the criminals, too. Whole communities have been empowered and animal lives have been saved.

“Now we want this to be a model for how the authorities in Yulin can deal with illegality during the summer solstice period of increased dog meat consumption. While the authorities have no power to stop the public from eating dog meat, they have a duty to apprehend those bringing illegally sourced dogs into the city without the required paperwork and health certificates, and they must also ensure all slaughter is carried out according to Chinese laws.”

Animals Asia’s online reporting service is available to users all over the country, including Yulin and surrounding areas. In the build up to the festival period, the platform will be pushed on Chinese social media while Animals Asia has once again written to the Yulin authorities urging them to crack down on dog meat-related illegality.

Animals Asia began reporting dog and cat meat restaurants suspected of operating illegally via a network of volunteers in 2016, before launching the online portal for public reports at the start of 2018.

Since 2016, the reports have resulted in a total of 204 restaurants either closing, ending dog meat sales or being given an official warning.

Feng said:

“While the Yulin event is deeply upsetting to all animal lovers, it nevertheless represents a tiny fraction of the annual dog meat consumption in China. Yet it takes up the vast majority of media attention and international concern. The success of our campaign shows how much more can be achieved when we redirect our resources strategically to the wider trade”

The city of Yulin authorities withdrew their endorsement of the Yulin festival in 2014 and today, no official event takes place in the city during the summer solstice. However increased levels of dog meat consumption continue as the public gathers to eat dog meat.


Ending Yulin won’t end dog meat eating, but ending dog meat eating will end Yulin

5 reasons the dog meat trade must end

Animals Asia Founder and CEO, Jill Robinson MBE said:

“Vital campaign work has been done in previous years to reduce consumption of dog meat during the festival and key strategic lobbying has also seen local authorities remove their backing. Now it continues unofficially – without government sanction – as friends come together to eat dog meat. The images of dogs crammed into cages are utterly horrifying, but it is happening every day of the year all over the country in hundreds of cities.

“Animals Asia will continue to focus holistically on the year-round trade: working with government, local charities and the public to increase awareness of the illegality and brutality inherent to the industry.

“To those who do continue to focus solely on Yulin, we say please do so without engaging in behaviours which damage the wider movement to end the dog meat trade country-wide.”

Targeting illegality

An in-depth report compiled in 2015 by Animals Asia, revealed illegality at every stage of the dog meat supply chain including widespread theft of dogs, flouting of the vaccinations requirement, a lack of health and proof of origin certificates, illegal transports and unsanitary slaughter.

The country has a recent and growing history of opposition to the dog meat trade, with the keeping of companion dogs gaining in popularity. As of 2017, there were reportedly 62 million registered dogs kept as companion animals in China.


Even in the areas where dog meat eating is most common – such as Guangdong, Guangxi, Guizhou and various locations in the northeast – an Animals Asia survey further revealed almost half of respondents had not eaten cats or dogs in the past two years. Of those who had, half again had eaten it only once or twice a year.

Outside of these “hotspots”, just 20% of people had eaten dogs in the last two years, with just 1.7% admitting to eating cats.

In 2016, proposed legislation to outlaw the industry received overwhelming support, with nearly nine million people voting for the proposal online, while an online poll in 2017 by China National Radio revealed 69% agree the dog and cat meat industries should be banned.

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India: Compassion In India – More Great Rescues From AAU.


Huge abscess drained to save mother dog’s life

We got a call that a dog was suffering from a huge bulge on her neck-and discovered that it was an enormous abscess-an infection beneath the skin near her throat filled with pus. She was skinny and haggard, suffering with weakness as her body attempted to fight the terrible infection, all the while tending to young puppies. We gathered her up and took her back to our hospital and her eyes watched us trustingly as we prepared to drain the pus. Within just hours of the procedure she was eating and on the road to recovery. Now spayed and vaccinated and busy raising her babies, meet Molly today..

Please donate for precious animals like Molly who need help today.



Slum-dwellers help rescue injured cow

Angels are living at the city garbage dump. These poor kids’ compassion welled up like a spring, rising out of the filth, the smoke of dangerous toxins, the smell and the buzzing of flies. They spend all day picking through garbage under a blistering sun, looking for bits of scrap metal and glass that might fetch a few rupees from a recycler. They live in squalor but their compassion and help were acts of pure beauty. Watch the rescue of Mabel, a little cow who had become injured and unable to stand in a sea of garbage. We are grateful to those children and to you, our donors, who that day had formed a partnership that Animal Aid could serve. And for Mabel who, on a scorching day, that might have otherwise been her last on earth, was transported to safety.

Compassion lies somewhere within each of us. Please donate within your means.



Drowning puppy sobbing and terrified, rescued

At the bottom of the well was not only water and garbage, but a little soul paddling for his life and losing part of his last remaining strength to cry for help. Every perch his feet touched sank under his weight, but from rags to plastic, he kept trying and trying to gain a foothold. We hurried to lower our Rescuer into the well and as the little sweetheart was pulled out of that terrifying ordeal, happiness took over.

Please donate for the little ones who need big help now.