Australia: Massive Live Export Demo at Freemantle. Full Details Below. Try To Support Please.

UPDATE – 13/5/18.

Hundreds of people have gathered near Fremantle Port to protest the loading of a live export carrier bound for the Middle East on Sunday morning.

HUNDREDS of protesters turned up to a stop live export trade rally in front of Emanuel Exports head office this afternoon.




Dear Mark

Please join Stop Live Exports, Animals Australia, RSPCA and Animal Justice Party at Fremantle Port tomorrow.

The victims of live export need you this Sunday! Yes, yes – we know it’s Mother’s Day, but spare a thought for all the mother ewes and their new-born lambs aboard those shipments we saw in Fazal’s harrowing footage on 60 Minutes.

Notorious live export ship, the Al Shuwaikh, (see photo below) loaded 60,000 animals in Adelaide and now it’s on its way to Fremantle to load more, bound for the Middle East where it’s approaching summer… the most dangerous time of year for Aussie sheep.

Al Shuwaikh RS web
This ship is operated by Emanuel Exports — the company at the heart of the recent explosive 60 Minutes story that revealed the routine, extreme suffering of animals at sea.

As the Al Shuwaikh is on its way to load in Freo, while the government will be deciding the fate of millions of sheep – the findings of the McCarthy review of live sheep exports is about to be released next week,  Sussan Ley, Liberal MP is adamant she will be push ahead with her Private Member’s Bill this month, to end the live sheep trade and the Greens’ Senator, Lee Rhiannon and Senator Derryn Hinch will table a Bill in the Senate to end the trade.

Help us convince the federal government of the right action to take – this protest is our LAST CHANCE to send the strongest possible message that live export cruelty must end.

Animals Australia will be there.
Animal Justice Party will be there.

Josh Wilson will be there.
We will be there, and we hope YOU will be there too!
(Greens may be there depending on availability).

Please, help us make this event MASSIVE!

WHEN: 2PM Sunday 13 May


The pier next to the Maritime Museum. This is about a 700 metre walk from Fremantle train station, and there is plenty of parking.

Location web

WHAT: We will have hundreds of signs there for you, but if you have the capacity to do so, you can DOWNLOAD AND PRINT SIGNS HERE.

Wear your Stop Live Exports, Animals Australia or Animal Justice Party t shirt if you have one.

WHY: To remind the government that putting tens of thousands of sheep on 40 year-old ships and sending them to the Middle East is always going to have disastrous outcomes and this trade needs to end NOW.

Please RSVP via FACEBOOK EVENT PAGE if you’re on Facebook.


Sheep on live export ship

This is not a dream.

15 years. Mark, that’s how long I’ve dreamed of seeing a headline like this. Since I first set foot in a Middle Eastern slaughterhouse and documented the brutal fate of sheep exported live from Australia. 15 years of investigations. Of relentless campaigning. The millions of animals we fought for and lost in that time. And the millions of people who united on their behalf — and refused to give in. I can’t tell you what it means to finally wake up to this headline:
Live export ban faces prospect of passing Parliament

It’s been 5 weeks since the world glimpsed the real life horror of a live sheep export ship. The outcry has only been getting louder. Now, for the first time, an end to this cruel trade is in sight…

For decades, gentle sheep like him have been crushed, starved, and literally cooked alive on live export ships… Historic Bills are coming before parliament that, if passed, could finally bring an end to this nightmare. Historic, because there is cross-party support from key Liberal MPs as well as Labor, the Greens, Derryn Hinch and Andrew Wilkie.

I’ve been walking the halls of Parliament and I am seeing traditional political foes, emboldened by people like you, set aside their differences to work together to help animals. This is our political system at its finest.

Mark, the next weeks and months will test all of us. We must stay loud, and stay strong like never before. Because until these Bills are debated, voted on, and (I pray) passed, live exporters will be fighting tooth and nail to kill any chance of this legislation becoming law.
They too are walking the halls of Parliament. I see them knocking on the doors of every politician who will give them time. They currently have the Prime Minister, lobbyists and big money on their side. We have the truth.


He needs us

As I write this, our campaign team is gearing up to run the biggest rally the port of Fremantle has ever seen. We’re broadcasting powerful TV ads Australia-wide. We’ve launched strategic public awareness campaigns in importing countries. Every day we’re fuelling media stories and working behind the scenes with advocates and influencers around the world…

But all this would be meaningless if it weren’t also for you. Mark, it’s your name on our petitions, behind e-mails and phone calls to politicians — that has gained animals the political attention they have today. And I know you’ll be with us to see this through.

It is this level of effort, determination and commitment to give a voice to those who cannot represent themselves, that leads to where we are now — on the precipice of historic change.