USA: Pruitt In The Hot Seat.


Dear Mark,

EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt will be back in the hot seat tomorrow morning, testifying LIVE at another critical subcommittee hearing — this time before the Senate.

He’ll face questions from members of the Senate Appropriations Subcommittee on Interior, Environment, and Related Agencies — both Democrats and Republicans — about his anti-environment agenda, his efforts to slash the agency’s budget, and his excessive spending as head of the EPA.

We need to make sure that senators hold Pruitt accountable for shamelessly misusing taxpayer dollars and sabotaging the agency he runs, all to benefit himself and his fossil fuel industry allies.

So, we’re calling on dedicated ALL IN activists like you to do three things, starting RIGHT NOW:

1) Call your senators between now and tomorrow morning and urge them to pressure their colleagues on the subcommittee to ask tough questions of Pruitt.

2) Watch Scott Pruitt testify at the hearing live tomorrow at 9:30 a.m. ET. You can stream it directly from the All In website.

3) Use social media today and tomorrow to help keep up the pressure on Congress to hold Pruitt accountable. Follow our simple instructions to tweet your questions to Subcommittee Chair Senator Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) and Ranking Member Tom Udall (D-NM), or reach them through Facebook.

Scott Pruitt before Congress: watch LIVE Wed., 5/16 beginning at 9:30 a.m. ET


Last month, Pruitt testified at two subcommittee hearings before the U.S. House of Representatives. He faced criticism from lawmakers on both subcommittees, including several Democrats who called for him to resign. Now we need the Senate to keep holding Pruitt’s feet to the fire.

Over the last few critical weeks, thousands of ALL IN activists like you have called your senators and representative to demand that they call for Pruitt to be shown the door. Thank you.

Now, we need you to take the next step to help keep the pressure on.

Watch the hearing tomorrow and make sure that our congressional representatives demand answers to YOUR important questions for Pruitt.

And if Congress holds back? Well, we’ve got to let them hear it. Use our simple instructions to send a clear message to Congress on social media: Enough is enough. Pruitt needs to go.

Thank you for all that you do.


Rhea Suh
President, NRDC & NRDC Action Fund





International: Stop Live Exports Day of Action – 14/6/18. See Below For More Details.


Dear Mark,


Stop Live Transport: International Awareness Day is just a month away, and the victims of this horrible trade need your voice.


End Europe’s live export shame


The European Commission is currently complicit in an appalling trade in live farm animals to Turkey, the Middle East and North Africa. Please tell the Commissioners to take action.


Petition link –

Animals exported from Europe may face extreme dehydration, exhaustion and hunger. Some collapse onto floors that are covered in faeces and urine, and risk being trampled by their companions. Those that survive may then face unimaginably horrific slaughter.

It is within the power of the European Commission – and the Commission alone – to propose legislation to end this suffering. Please call for an end to EU live exports today.

Take a stand on 14th June!


Thanks to a recent investigation by Animals Australia, the cruelty of live transport is making global headlines. Video footage of sheep in the belly of a transport ship, covered in blankets of faeces, or being cooked alive by sweltering temperatures, has shocked the world.

If you haven’t already done so, please click here to find out more.

You can join campaigners worldwide who will be raising their voices, in unison, to oppose this cruel trade.



If you’re based near London, UK, please join our rally in Parliament Square from 12:30-2.00pm. You can register your interest in the rally on Facebook.

Alternatively, check out our interactive map to find an event closer to home!

A huge thank you to everyone who’s already said ‘I’m in’ to Stop Live Transport: International Awareness Day, 14th June. We’ve been overwhelmed by the response so far – with events planned in over 30 countries!



No event near you? Why not organise your own! A candlelight vigil, a peaceful street rally or even an online demonstration – anything you can do will raise awareness of the cruelty of long distance transport.



Hey Mum – Whats For Tea ?

Maybe an apron would be better !

LIDL have some great ideas for veggie and vegan dishes and drinks – check them out !


Smoky Cucumber Salsa


Grilled Peach Pavlova


Beetroot vegan burgers with pumpkin seed pesto


Halloumi and peach kebabs

Balsamic strawberry tart

Mushroom and courgette fritter burgers

Tandoori halloumi wraps

Warm potato salad

Mexican corn salad

Ignis fruit punch

Potato, pea and mint crush

Apple coleslaw

Smoky vegan burgers




Netherlands: Jaap; The Vegetarian Butcher.


Jaap Korteweg is a 9th generation farmer and founding father of The Vegetarian Butcher. How does someone, having grown up on a farm among the cows in the Dutch countryside, decide to become a Vegetarian Butcher?

When the swine fever and the mad cow disease were holding the Netherlands in their grip, Jaap was asked whether his cold storages could be used as storage for tens of thousands of cadavers.

Having witnessed this disaster, Jaap considered investing in keeping cattle, in an organic and animal friendly way. This idea was great; until the day the cattle would have to be taken to the slaughterhouse. From that moment on he decided to become a vegetarian. But he missed the taste of meat so much, that he promised himself he would only eat meat when he went out for a meal.

It was clear to him that he had to find something that could satisfy his craving for meat, without actually having to eat animals.

After a ten-year search, Jaap developed and found innovative meat substitutes with a spectacular bite and texture. With the help of top chefs, he added the flavour and experience of true meat to the products. In addition, he saw a lot of potential in the protein rich and organic lupine from Dutch soil.

Together with concept designer Niko Koffeman, chef Paul Bom and a devoted team, he is working on a big transition from animal to vegetable meat. Their ideal is to have meat enthusiasts experience the meat free products and to realise they don’t have to miss out on anything if they leave meat out of their diet for a couple of days a week. Jaap and his team’s ambition is to become the biggest butcher in the world, in a short time.

Meet the other Veggie butchers –

Check out the whole thing at


International Distribution –

UK: Have Your Say About Banning Live Animal Exports Post Brexit. Only One (1) Week Remaining – Act Now.


SAV Comment – Everything here in the UK is looking good for a ban on live animal exports once the UK leaves the EU.  Groups and citizens are lobbying real hard for the ban to be imposed.

We are not currently allowed to ben under EU rules but when we take back our own control as voted for by the people of the UK, it will be a policy which can be implemented by a UK government.   ALL EU regulations (1/2005) on the welfare of animals during transport is basically a joke; and always has been.   The EU does not enforce its own legislation.  As with many animal welfare issues, such as migratory bird shooting covered by Venus in a recent post, the EU is utterly useless.  They want to talk big and pretend to have all the regulations and legislation in place, but the reality is, it means nothing.

Here is your chance to have a final say on an issue that has been open to the public for a while.  Please note that thee is now only ONE WEEK LEFT in which to submit any response.  The fight will not stop until the UK leads the way and bans live animal exports !



(UK government) Environment Secretary Michael Gove is seeking your view on the transport of live animals, right now. Will you join over 40,000 SumOfUs members and call on him to end the transport of live farm animals for slaughter?

Michael Gove: stop the horrors of live animal transports now!

We know that Michael Gove is considering a ban on the live export of animals after Brexit to help the UK become a world leader in animal welfare.

But we need to show him that the public is behind a ban to make sure he takes action.

And we only have one week to do it!

Michael Gove: stop the cruel transportation of living farm animals.

Thanks for all that you do,


A Dutch transporter exports live animals from Dover, Kent, England.


Minister Gove with Canine friend.


Live animals transporters head across the Channel from Ramsgate (England) to Calais (France)


A Dutch transporter arrives at Ramsgate (England) after picking up British sheep

– next stop – slaughterhouses in the EU.






EU: More than 53 million wild birds are legally shot down each year!


More than 53 million wild birds are hunted down legal by hobby hunters every year in the European Union, including numerous species that are critically endangered in Germany. This is the result of a study * presented by the Committee Against Bird Slaughter and the German Council for the Protection of Birds, in which official hunting statistics from a total of 24 EU countries plus Switzerland and Norway were evaluated.



Most of the statistics come from the hunting season 2014/15 and together they indicate a kill of at least 53 million birds per year. In addition, an unknown number of animals are killed each year in countries without evaluable data (Greece, the Netherlands, Ireland and the United Kingdom) and outside the study area in the Mediterranean or in Africa.

The authors emphasize, that a large proportion of the animals shot down are migratory birds that are in acute danger of extinction in some Member States. In Germany, for example, strictly protected lapwings, snipe-birds, turtledoves or skylarks are shot down to hundreds of thousands in France and southern Europe on their train to winter quarters in autumn. Every year, German and British hunters kill thousands of woodcock and Arctic geese from Scandinavia and Eastern Europe.

The long-term effect of such massive hunting is rated as devastating by the authors. In the years 1980 to 2013, at least 100 million lovebirds in the EU were legally killed by amateur hunters. During the same period, the European stock of turtle dove has decreased by 78%. In Germany, the species is on the Red List and is classified there as “highly endangered”.

“The results are alarming and they prove that hunting for certain species endangers or even completely destroys conservation efforts in other countries,” says Heinz Schwarze, chairman of the committee. The committee against bird murder and the German Council for Bird Protection (DRV) therefore demand from the European Commission to finally enforce Europe-wide hunting bans on endangered species.


My comment: who shoots migratory birds, wild birds, birds at all, and even when they fly home?
Only the insane killers, the hunters, who are favorably supported by the EU legislation.

But according to this article, the legitimate question arises: if we pay this crime syndicate to support the legal murder of
migratory birds and wild birds, then we are really to blame ourselves.

Best regards to all