The animals that never broke out, an incompetent Zoo and a dead bear!


Excitement in the Eifel, the German part of North Rhine Westphalia: Several predators of a private zoo have broken out, it was said. There is confusion this afternoon about a small, privately operated zoo located about 30 kilometers northwest of Bitburg, near the Belgian border.

But only one bear was really upset – and is dead now.

Authorities have warned on Friday before erupting predators from the Eifel Zoo in Lünebach. A bear was shot, after two tigers, two lions and a jaguar were searched, because even with them an outbreak was suspected.

Later it turns out that the animals have never left their enclosure!!!



The administration of the district of Bitburg-Prüm can initially give no precise information, even in the zoo nobody is reachable. The confusion may be related to the previous night’s events. Heavy thunderstorms broke over the region. The Eifel Zoo was also affected by the floods.



The Eifel Zoo in Lünebach is home to about 60 exotic and native species and a total of about 400 animals on 30 acres, including Siberian tigers and lions. The founder of the zoo, the Cologne businessman Hans Wallpott, died last year. He had acquired parts of what is now the zoo site in 1965, which was formerly used for fish farming. Over the years, the zoo was expanded and expanded. To this day, the Eifel Zoo is family owned.


Because of the keeping conditions of the big cats and the small enclosures the zoo is again and again in the criticism of animal activists. This also appeals to this video in the YouTube channel “Zoo Experience”, in which zoos are presented. Zoo Boss Isabelle Wallpott said in 2010 after an accident at the Bear enclosure. “Of course, we cannot keep up with the scientific standards of large zoos, but we have statutory housing requirements and we respect them.”

At that time, a three-year-old girl had climbed over a fence that was about one meter high and entered the enclosure of the “Mike” collar bear. The father jumped immediately after, the girl suffered only minor injuries from a blow with his paw. In 2007, the almost 200-pound bear had mangled one arm of Zoo chef Wallpott.

What does a zoo do when animals escape the enclosure despite all safety measures?

Every zoo must have alarm plans for such cases. A deadly shot is always the last resort. First, they try to push the animals back, capture them or stun them. The narcotic works within five to ten minutes if the animal is hit well.

My comment: A private zoo with incompetent staff and even more incompetent leadership panics a whole country for an escape that never took place.

You can sell it as a fairy tale, but you have to look long for children who believe that. 

A bear is killed in vain, but so far no leader gives a fair explanation for a mistake, that has cost the life of an animal.
Because a bear’s life is just only the life of an animal, that can quickly replace the profit-oriented zoo boss.

Anyone, who tries to escape from the concentration camp “Eifel Zoo” is shot dead.
Does that remind you of a black age?


Best Regards from Venus

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