A Wnderful Story From the Harmony Fund. Please Support Them.

SAV Comment:

A beautiful story from Harmony Fund.  We got this story because we give money each month to Harmony – they help animals and people caring for them all over the world.

Please try to support Harmony with a monthly donation – your money will help animals welfare work the world over.




Global rescue work – https://harmonyfund.org/harmony-fund


Here is the story from Romania:


We love sharing good-news updates on how your donations are transforming lives, and today you’ve saved not only several dogs in Romania, but also the woman who cares for them.

In our last newsletter, we told you the story of this sweet Romanian woman named Mandache who became homeless a few years ago when the government took her home through eminent domain for industrial expansion.

Rather than wallow in her own suffering, Mandache summoned all her strength each day to find food for dogs who were also homeless. She would go through town, scavenging for scraps for the animals, despite her own declining health and battle with cancer.

Mandache asked us for help with adopting one particularly gentle dog whom she thought might be harmed by other street dogs when she left for a few days for the allotment of government funded cancer treatment.

Since that time, several of our supporters asked how they could help Mandache and we were able to find a small place for her to live. It’s a kitchen with a little bed to sleep on and a bathroom area. There is running water and heat and It is safe from bad weather and the dangers of the street. She can properly rest and heal in this space. But what has happened since Mandache moved in is nothing short of amazing.

Every morning, Mandache leaves her kitchen early to begin her rounds of street feeding. She has no intention of surrendering her mission to help street dogs, and it is an honor to help her. We’ve already rescued several of the dogs she was feeding and they’ve received full veterinary care and are up for adoption. When we showed Mandache photos of some of the dogs happily settled in at their new homes, she cried with joy and kissed each photo.

In this line of work, we often come upon people like Mandache who devote every ounce of their being to helping others. It is a true privilege to help her to continue in this work. The rent for her room is only $65 a month. Our own Debbie Evans sent her a wonderful gift of essential living supplies and we are providing food and medicines for the dogs on an ongoing basis and continuing a rolling rescue program there.

Thanks to you all for making this possible.



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