Thoughts about a demonstration


I stand with a laptop in my hand and a Gay Fawkes mask on my face on the pedestrian zone. Demonstration against slaughterhouses.

The pictures run nonstop and without sound in the laptops during the whole demonstration.
Pictures of the slaughterhouse: pigs, cows, chickens that die cruelly, animals that stand in the slaughterhouses, crowded together, and everywhere sting, sting, sting … even by gazing alone, one has the smell of blood in the nostrils, the cries of the dying drill in the ears … .An animal crime from human hand, which takes place every day in every slaughterhouse in the world.

These pictures are intended to inform and shock at the same time.
They aim at least to keep the channels of communication between meat consumers and activists open.

The first belong to a society, that avoids all guilt in this crime, displaces crime, and is controlled by a collective “butter-egg-meat obesity”.
The latter invest more in hope than in the conviction, that such actions can have an effective impact on the carnivores’ consciousness.

Strangely, the direct confrontation of people with such images creates, first and foremost, a need for confession.
Anyone who eats meat first realizes that everything, that happens in a slaughterhouse is made for murder, agony and animal suffering.

The first stage is shock, then comes the reflection and then the search for a lot of bullshit, misbelief and lies, that serve the purpose of protecting private behavior and eating habits.

And so the visitor of such actions does not seek the dialogue with the activists or the enlightenment through the pictures, but rather an open ear for his own theory, with a bit of “organic”, “meat from the farmer”, “a flesh-free day in the Week “,” stop factory farming “etc … freed him from the guilt of the accomplice:


1.The best is to buy meat from small farms, “organic meat”; My neighbor next door does that, and I buy only from there.

2. Actually, today’s factory farming is the problem with meat consumption.
I only buy animals from “organic farm”.

3. I rarely eat meat. Slaughtering animals is bad, I’m against factory farming.

And intentionally everyone displaces the tragic truth of the images, that in animal production no animal can live good, because these “products” are always won by living beings who cannot decide on their use, and ultimately all cruelly killed, which is the most serious crime against every form of law.

So, if somebody would ask me, do you think these actions can abolish the slaughterhouses?
I would answer, No!

And to the question: what then do these pictures, these actions? I would say: no one can say with certainty, what effect they have on people’s thinking and actions.

To act differently, you have to think differently.
And to think differently, you have to know more.
We have created the knowledge; all who were there know now.
We do not really believe that we were able to persuade every one of them to stop the collaboration with this system of exploitation, destruction, crime against animals.

Because, everyone would have to decide against meat consumption; but most people are afraid of responsibility and action.

For us, there is only hope left.
Hope is the fuel of animal welfare.


With best regards to all


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