Australia: Breaking News – 2nd Largest Sheep Exporter Stops Live Exports In Middle East Summer !


One of Australia’s major live export companies has announced it will not send sheep into the deadly Middle Eastern summer this year.

This will spare 150,000 Aussie sheep from the horror of live export.

The West Australian newspaper broke the news that Livestock Shipping Services, Australia’s second largest sheep exporter, has paused its northern summer operations because new government regulations have impacted profitability.

Mark, this is an historic milestone in our efforts to save sheep from this cruellest of trades.

The decision by this exporter confirms that the live sheep trade has a business model based on suffering. The government’s new requirements are minimal in terms of animal welfare improvements, but clearly they inhibit the ability of exporters to make their desired profits.

With temperatures rising in the Middle East, this last minute reprieve for Aussie sheep could not have come at a more critical time. More than 22,000 sheep have perished on this exporter’s vessels over the past five years — over 4,000 of them dying from heat stroke on a single shipment.

But these animals have been spared from more than a gruelling sea journey. These sheep would have been destined for the annual ‘Festival of Sacrifice’ in Jordan — a time when cruelty and suffering inevitably increase.

But not this year. And, if we can keep the pressure on, not ever again.

Incredibly, there is still one major live sheep exporter, Emanuel Exports, on the water, despite being exposed for regulatory breaches and terrible animal cruelty. But they will be watching developments closely, knowing that their days of inflicting suffering on sheep are numbered.

Emanuel Exports’ offices were ‘raided’ by WA authorities yesterday as part of their investigation into breaches of WA Animal Welfare Laws. This company is central to our Federal Court action which will play out next month as we present our case that export permits are being granted unlawfully.

There is barely a day currently when we don’t hear of a development that brings us closer to ending this cruel trade. To have stopped one of Australia’s largest sheep exporters sailing from our shores is a memorable day. Those who support this industry would have hoped the wave of compassion for these animals that arose after 60 Minutes would be short-lived. How wrong they were…

So very proud and grateful to have you with us in this historic battle.

For the animals,

Lyn White AM
Animals Australia





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