Live animal transports – MEP Stefan Eck: “We should bring the commission to court!”




When I read Mark`s report about the third meeting of “EU- Platform on Animal Welfare” I also wanted to comment on it.

But then … I read the MEP Stefan Eck’s report on the” Intergroup for Animals” on 14th of June 20018 in Strasburg and I thought this report could say anything.

The video even more, is unfortunately in German, because Stefan Eck, as a German, speaks in German.
I would like to cut out only one sentence and trumpet it all over the world:We should bring the commission to court!”

(Translation of the text from the Facebook)

At the “Intergroup for Animals” meeting on 14.06.2018 in the European Parliament in Strasbourg, the topic “Protection of animals during transport inside and outside Europe” was on the agenda.

MEP Stefan Bernhard Eck asked the AGRI rapporteur, Jørn Dohrmann, whether there would also be a paragraph in the report for setting up a committee of inquiry.

Then MEP Stefan Eck turned to the Christian Conservative Chairman of the Agricultural Committee, Czesław Siekierski and energetically asked him not to tell those present “stories” that all the farmers would love their animals, because then there would be no animal scandals.


Furthermore, MEP Eck criticized the European Commission, which is unlikely to act again. He called for a strategy B. As a strategy to fight to the bitter end and bring the Commission if necessary, in court, because it does not perform their duties once again.





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