TCM: animal torture is our capital!



Dirty propaganda

“We – the HH-SH TCM Center GmbH – operate the TCM center in Hamburg (Germany) to show you traditional Chinese medicine. We combine tradition with the latest science and technology”!!


Who heard their scream, thinks of children’s voices. Fear of death, wounding and desperate children’s voices.

Collarbears release these terrible screams twice a day. Bile juice is taken twice a day in an unbearable procedure.

The cause

All this is supported by criminal politics. Everyone seems to have an employment pact with China.

Merkel and her EU Coalition partner have become the slaughterhouse of China. They accept unconditional meat, fur and products from tortured animals.

The politicians do not stop other politicians or governments, on the contrary! there is a permanent, grand coalition in politics of all parties and directions, when it comes to animals: it consists of animal tormentors, meat lovers, fur friends, circus with wild animal friends , hunter friends and corrupt journalism.


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My best regards, Venus


One Response

  1. Isn’t the first time I read or hear about such political involvement in “dirty business”. The animal trade mafia is a cancer difficult to catch, since protected by politician and Multinational enterprises. What is behind that: again… MONEY.
    Until we won’t be able to catch eachone involved into it, more likely things will only get worst.
    What about the hunting permission in African’s national reserves? And what about the permission of legal hunt of “endagered species” (because of stupid pretexts) even in civilised country like Switzerland? I’m following with interest the “bad wolf” or “man’s killer bear”…
    It’s trivial, nonsense at the cubic, atavic stupidity making people belive that bear bile or tiger parts are making (sorry writing this in a crude way) man’s penis work better!
    Nature gives us such wonderful gifts, free of charge, but humans are destroing everything… leaving for the future generation only an awfull sight. Claudine

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