Germany: farmer massacred 13 fawns!

In the spring of 2018, a farmer from the Gifhorn district in Lower Saxony, (Germany) killed twelve fawns, during mowing. The public prosecutor’s office had charged him with 13 reasons for killing of vertebrate for no good reason. Now he was sentenced by the district court Celle to a fine.


The farmer was traveling to supply a biogas plant and mowed a total of 20 hectares of leased land. An employee of the plant testified that the defendant had noticed that he had “mown” two fawns.

Nevertheless, he has continued to drive, without acting on the other areas more caution, so the newspaper.


And I mean: Farmers are antisocial, empathic-free and criminal pack. Farmers live at the expense of animals, and regard them as objects, as their slaves, with the right to torture and murder them; a criminal business that gives them good money.

We can bet that until today he still can not explain why he had to pay 2000 Euros for the disposal of “13 meadow objects”.



My best regards, Venus


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