The betrayal of the EU to the animals


The EU has betrayed the “European idea” for democracy, solidarity and peace: the euro and banking crisis, migration crisis, foreign policy, economic policy … all this is in the EU’s account and we could even call it a heresy
But the worst betrayal of the EU is the betrayal of the animals.

On 14.02.2019, the majority of the EU Parliament rejected significant improvements for animal transport within the EU and in third countries.

A black day for the animals.

Also proposed improvements for torture conditions in transports in non-EU countries, such as Egypt or Turkey, were not accepted.

The transport business requires 1.4 billion animals per year, of which 4 million “livestock” are transported from the EU to third countries every year: cattle, pigs, sheep and hens are these “slaughter animals”, who suffer cruelly in the transport – despite legal EU regulations.

Exhausted cow, due to birth of calf in truck-foto: Animals Anngel`s

Polish non-attached MEP Dobromir Sośnierz (MEP of the reactionary party Wolność / KORWIN) said in his speech to the European Commission, “Animals do not pay taxes and therefore we should not talk about them!”

We want to remind him that animals pay with their lives for people to make money. No EU- law protects them as persons, they apply as raw materials.

We only ask ourselves with horror, why should we pay the salary of such a mindless person.


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My best regards, Venus


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