Germany: the export champion of the EU


Despite numerous meat scandals, the meat industry has more than doubled in recent years in Germany.
Germany is one of the largest meat exporters in the world.

Although there are over 26 million pigs in Germany, pigs are even imported and slaughtered at German slaughterhouses. And: because of overproduction, meat is also produced for the dumpster.
Did you know that the small piglets from different countries are being carted to Germany? Or that Germany exports meat to China and imports cheap meat from other countries? Everything has to be cheap!

More than 16 million pigs are imported from abroad each year to Germany. In Germany, it is already stinking “to the skies”, because Germany was transformed within a very short time to a country where animal suffering is the order of the day.

But not everything that the German meat consumer uses to meat comes from Germany. While Germany is one of the world’s largest meat producers, meat is also imported from other countries, such as the USA, Latin America or Asia.

A report from the meat industry in May 2017 confirmed that demand for pork in Germany and the EU is shrinking.

Then we ask ourselves: why slaughter more pigs? The meat industry also has an answer to that: exports to third countries increased by 35 percent in pork. That’s why!


My comment:

“Once upon a time there was a land of POETS and THINKERS
Now we are leading on export of WEAPONS and ANIMAL CADAVERS”



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My best regards to all, Venus


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  1. Shame shame on you Germany and friends. Clean it up. You don’t need the tortuous activity. Where is your pride? Compassion?

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