Bayer/ Monsanto: an empire is in trouble


Pharmacies in France boycott products from #Bayer/Monsanto!


Keine Fotobeschreibung verfügbar.

On Friday, 17th of May 2019, anti-GMO activists invaded a Bayer/Monsanto factory in Trèbes, France. They attached a banner with the text: “Contamination in progress – 20,000 hectares in France with # GMO rape!”

Yesterday also the “yellow vests”  participated in the worldwide “March against Bayer/Monsanto“!

After it became known that Monsanto has led critical lists of critics, the protest is also increasing in France, and not only in France.

The Bayer Group announced that the US company Monsanto has led controversial lists of critics not only in France but also in Germany. At the same time, Bayer / Monsanto has again lost a lawsuit in the US (we have  already reported that: ( )


The group has to pay more than $ 2 billion in compensation to a couple with cancer. The two had sued Monsanto for blaming Roundup’s weedkiller for their cancer.
The pressure on Bayer is growing.

For more …at:


Yes!! A war in the form of “David versus Goliath” does not always work out well for Goliath!
The protest in the US will not come to a halt so quickly, because there are always new fires.

Now the small business enterprises in Europe are mobilizing against Monsanto, the example with the pharmacy in France gives courage and hope.

The Americans who have sued and won against Monsanto, have also shown us that the fight against the stronger often ends well for David!

What do we learn from this?
Whoever fights can lose.
Who does not fight has already lost.

My best regards, Venus


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