Animals save without prejudice

Snakes are the most hunted animals in private life.
Most people are afraid of snakes, most of us fight against them because we automatically feel threatened by them.

Since childhood, we’ve learned to compare sneakiness and malice with the behavior of a snake: “poisonous as a snake” or “he acts evil like a snake …”


I had a snake in my garden, she came every night and got leftovers from the cat food. I could hear she before I saw she and we were friends even though I did not even know if the animal was a she or a he …
That was not important, the friendship was important.
She explored the whole world with her tongue, often she touched from time to time my hand with it, and I knew that was a love sign.

One night she did not come anymore. And since then I have not seen her.

I can only guess that she was killed by someone who learned at school or at home that snakes are evil and devious!



The beautiful video is a little help against prejudice.

My best regards, Venus


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