Germany: the show with the animal protection

The current federal government makes an animal protection scandal after another!



Scandal number 1: piglet castration without anesthesia

Scandal number 2: Illegal practices with sow box

Scandal number 3: illegally cut piglets` tails

Scandal number 4: animal transports to third countries

Scandal number 5: Animal transports are paid with our tax money

My comment: The meat mafia has all politicians under control!

Animals are usually at the mercy of the violence and sadism of the meat mafia. Especially in the live export this is extremely dramatic.

But this is not just about the often tormenting transport itself.
EU countries send cattle to countries where there is no animal welfare law, and they know it!

There, cutting out the eyes or severing the tendons of the front and hind legs are common ways to tame the animals and then kill them with a neck cut – fully conscious. All of this happens in distant places, far from our eyes.

At a time when we are trying to reduce animal suffering through information and education, EU countries are doing everything in their power to export more and more animals, driving up meat consumption in third countries.
Thanks to the European criminal agricultural policy, there are plenty of cattle for which customers are urgently sought. We send them to the third countries.

And nobody is responsible, nobody wants to take responsibility and action. The German actors point with their fingers to Brussels, Brussels says animal transport is country thing.

It is an industry of animal cruelty, officially approved.


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My best regards to all, Venus

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