Spain: Ass accident to matador

Men thing! A bull victim has shown a French bull-murderer on May 25th that this job is for asses!


For the French bullfighter Juan Leal it came at the weekend at a bullfighting event in Spain to a painful encounter with a bull. Leal had already injected the animal into the body with several banderillas (short, barbed spiked skewers) when it “hit back”.

Although the animal stung the Frenchman in the asse!



However, as the Spanish newspaper El Pais reports, the 26-year-old Frenchman resumed his fight against the bull after a short break in treatment, killing him and cutting off the animal’s ear.

Máximo García Leirado, who operated on Leal after the fight, said, “It’s a miracle that he was able to end the fight and kill the bull. A normal person could not even walk with the injury. “


And I meana normal person would not torture a bull and then present his bloody ear to a cheered audience …
Only psychopaths do that.


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My best regards to all, Venus

2 Responses

  1. And only an “asshole” could write such nonsense… but we both know well that cruelty is in men’s heart.
    This poor creature didn’t have to die… and I wish that the french asshole will keep scars of this criminality without sense.
    It’s about time to stop bull fighting…

  2. The only normal person there was a bull.

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