Delicatessen from Austria


Is not it just amazing? The photos that follow are not just a selection of some horrible pictures, they are randomly removed from the folder – this is what it really looks like behind the scenes! In the meantime, even the greatest optimists must realize that the pink farm idyl does not exist!

Five visited stables – five criminal charges, five times animal cruelty!

A cut of 100%! Delicatessen from Austria!!


We almost miss the words about what a recent research in Salzburg’s cow stables brought to light – this is only a term permissible at the end of the day:

In the last 2 or 3 years we had several times one in the Salzburger Land, resident farmers because of the horn connection of his bulls display. The Vet authority told us afterwards, from now on the problem would be eliminated, the cruel tying on the horns would be history!


Here, the chain is pulled around the neck, then wrapped around the bars on the left and right and fastened. What remains as a radius of movement?
When standing up, the limbs slide upwards over the iron bar a few centimeters, often not even determining that; In addition, the system is amateurish, inadequate, ‘put together’ – just, pure shit!

Especially a cow seems injured; low-viscosity feces in large quantities surrounds their mooring, and it stands with a forefoot very unnatural on the concrete parapet. Her hind legs are tied together. Expert diagnosis: paresis.

She would have to be under constant veterinary treatment, which the official veterinarian has to verify; a permanent bondage of the hind legs is also prohibited!

Every time we think the height of cruelty has been reached, someone puts it somewhere else.


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My comment: I know Tom Putzgruber, the chairman of the association “Respect animals” in Austria, and I would like to thank him in the name of all the uncountable animals for which he literally uses his whole life and his whole existence with a force that is in any case unattainable and very difficult to imitate for me.

“Gigantic suffering weighs on many of our animal fellow creatures worldwide,” he always says.
Tom Putzgruber, and his small team has resisted all the animal misery for many years.

In faraway Africa, in Romania, in Mauritania for the labor donkeys, in Bulgaria, in Serbia … everywhere and around the world he travels to alleviate animal suffering.


“In some of the indigenous dialects of Mauritania, there is not even a word for donkeys, they are often referred as “the beasts that one beats “, he says!

Thank you, Tom, for everything you do for our fellow creatures.


My best regards, Venus


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