USA: UPDATE – Convicted serial dog killer now sentenced to 10–45years behind bars.


UPDATE – Convicted serial dog killer now sentenced to 10–45years behind bars.




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April 7, 2019: Please see update HERE

Source: Pet Pardons News

Convicted serial dog killer, Jeffrey Nally, of New Cumberland West Virginia was sentenced by Judge Fred Fox II on Wednesday to 10-45 years behind bars. While animal advocates would rather have seen him spend life in prison, the truth is that this sentence is substantial considering that animal abuse cases seldom carry this kind of weight.  From that standpoint, the outcome is a victory.

It is true, though, that this was no run-of-the mill animal abuse case. This was a brutal series of intentional mutilations, torture, and execution of innocent puppies. Nally was accused of mutilating and killing 29 puppies (who) he received through classified ads, and Craigslist “free to good home” ads.

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Switzerland says: “No factory farming”


The popular initiative against mass animal husbandry is likely to come about.
Animal welfare and environmental organizations have collected 120,000 signatures within a year, Campaign leader Meret Schneider said in an interview with the newspaper “Blick”.

The initiators want to submit the signatures to the Federal Chancellery in September.

The collected signatures would now be certified by the communities, said campaign manager Meret Schneider of the animal rights organization Sentience Politics.
Necessary for the realization of the initiative are 100’000 valid signatures. The collection period lasts until 12th December.

The popular initiative “No factory farming in Switzerland (factory farming initiative)” requires a constitutional amendment to agricultural livestock farming. The federal government should protect the dignity of the animal in agricultural animal husbandry. Specifically, according to the initiative text, animal dignity includes the claim “not to live in mass animal husbandry”.

Similar animal husbandry guidelines are to be adopted as those that apply to Bio Suisse, which means that the animals should above all receive more space and outdoor spouts.

Furthermore, the federal government should set criteria for animal-friendly housing and care, access to the outdoors, slaughter and the maximum group size per stall. 
It should also provide for rules on the importation of animals and animal products for nutritional purposes. The implementation of the initiative has a maximum transitional period of 25 years.

Behind the referendum are people from 15 organizations.

Among them is Vera Weber of the Fondation Franz Weber or representatives of Greenpeace and the Greens.

The farmers’ association sees it very differently (!!) About mass livestock could not speak in Switzerland, according to the position of President Markus Ritter.
“Animal welfare laws in Switzerland are already among the strictest worldwide” so Ritter.

The farmers also warn against hefty surcharges if the initiative should come through. The initiators are preparing for a tough vote. Schneider is aware:

“The work is just starting right now.”


My comment:  At some point, humans will understand that an equitable livestock farming no longer means that we are allowed to kill and eat animals.
But until this day, for which we all fight and hope, is a very long road and so we have to settle for smaller and modest successes.

We support this campaign and we wish our fellow campaigners, much success and strength for the future.

And thus also a better life of the farm animals.

My best regards to all, Venus


South Africa: majestic creatures are bred in captivity and then drugged and paraded for ‘trophy hunters’ to shoot from parked vehicles..

In South Africa, majestic creatures are bred in captivity and then drugged and paraded for ‘trophy hunters’ to shoot from parked vehicles.

It’s sickening cruelty – the dazed lions are shot for FUN!

There are about 200 places in South Africa that breed lions in captivity for canned lion hunting. As many as 6,000 lions are ‘stockpiled’ for hunters. When a lioness gives birth, her cubs are taken from her and used for tourists to pet and pose with them in photographs.

When a lion gets bigger and harder to handle, it is moved to an enclosed area and there it stays until someone pays to shoot it.

They call it canned lion hunting because poor lions are literally served up on a plate for hunters. The lions can’t run, hide or defend themselves in any way.

The lions are frequently drugged to make it easier for hunters, who often shoot the poor creature, while they sit inside a nearby vehicle. Often it takes several shots before the animal dies.

In neighboring Zimbabwe, a lion called Cecil was shot with a bow and arrow and suffered for 12 hours before dying!

it’s that horrible, that stark, that cruel. We need your help to stop it.

We want your help to fight this cruelty and have it outlawed. It’s an uphill battle because the canned lion industry is wealthy and so far, the South African government is ignoring the cruelty. We have to lobby government; we have to raise public awareness and we have to support other groups.

Every day this horror is allowed to continue means more dead lions at a time when the population is dropping throughout Africa. There used to be 200,000 lions in Africa, now there are around 25,000. Please, please help us fight the evil business that destroys their dignity and then them.

USA: Justice for Helpless Puppies Thrown into Boiling Water.


Justice for Helpless Puppies Thrown into Boiling Water

Posted by Carly Day

12555 Signatures Collected


Petition link:


PETITION TARGET: 11th Judicial DA Rick Tedrow

A woman is accused of dropping live newborn puppies into a pot of boiling water and forcing her children to watch as the tiny animals died in agony.

In this house of horrors, 53-year-old Martha Crouch of San Juan, New Mexico allegedly tortured and abused numerous animals — as well as her children — over a period of decades.

Crouch’s 17-year-old daughter claims that her mother locked a beloved family dog in a cage and had it shot dead as a form of punishment. Along with boiling multiple litters of puppies alive, Crouch often gave prescription medicine to kittens and watched them die slowly and painfully.

An older daughter says she saw her mother killing six kittens by beating them in the heads with a hammer or rock.

Police from the San Juan County Sheriff’s Office arrested Crouch and her husband on June 24th after arresting one of the couple’s 15 children on an assault charge and learning of the abuse in the household.

Martha remains in jail charged with child abuse and extreme animal cruelty; her bail is set at $50,000. Her husband Timothy Crouch is out on bail, charged with obstructing an investigation.

The couple has been evading authorities for over 20 years and has reportedly amassed a vast array of criminal claims throughout various states.

Clearly, Martha Crouch is a danger to both humans and animals and needs to be removed from society.

Sign this petition urging Rick Tedrow, DA for the 11th Judicial District Attorney’s Office, to prosecute Martha Crouch to the fullest extent of the law, and push for the maximum penalties possible for the atrocious acts of cruelty she inflicted on both animals and her children.