Beyond Meat Burger-meatless happy!


At the Beyond Meat Burger nothing is ever part of a cow. It looks like meat, tastes (more or less) like meat, but is not made of meat. But from pea proteins, potato starch, coconut oil and other ingredients, all have one thing in common: they are not of animal origin. The bloody look is helped by beetroot.

Ironically, in America, the stronghold of the barbecue culture, the meat substitute Burger has begun a triumphal procession.


It is served not only in the 400 branches of TGI Fridays between Alabama and Wisconsin. For a few days now, the Dunkin ‘breakfast chain, which has now removed the donuts from its name, sells Manhattan sausage sandwiches without meat. And in the refrigerated shelves of the Whole Foods eco-chain, there is also minced meat that was not produced in the slaughterhouse.


Beyond Meat founder, Ethan Brown

The company seems unstoppable, according to the Beyond Meat founder and CEO Ethan Brown, everything is going great:

Again, the company had to correct its sales expectations for 2019 upwards. Compared to the previous year, revenues are now expected to increase by 170 percent to $ 240 million.
Just since the IPO, the global number of outlets has increased by over 20,000, Brown reported. The concern voiced by analysts that Beyond Meat may not be able to keep up with production sounds like a luxury issue.

“Fake Meat Will Save Us,” a New York Times commentator shouted to his readers: “Industrial agriculture is the coal industry of food production” – that is, a dying industry.
Not only does the production of a single beef burger devour two and a half thousand liters of water. Unhealthy food is more lethal “than unprotected sex, alcohol, drugs and nicotine consumption together”.


Many farmers in the US do not like it. They urge the legislator to prohibit the new competition from using the word meat for their goods. So far without success!


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My comment: In the past, vegetarian diet was more of an intellectual edge. Soon meat eating is only for the decadent elite as slavery used to be.
A hopeful product that seriously alleviates the suffering of animals and effectively helps to save the environment.

The Beyond Meat Company understands marketing, we have to recognize it.
A brilliant idea in skillful hands just so it can work.
And it works.

Best regards to all, Venus