Mauritius: the supplier of the labor mafia


Ethics? The billion-dollar companies such as VW, BMW and Daimler are now because of the test series of monkeys in the criticism, but honestly, what has changed since the announcement of the exhaust gas scandal really?


Mauritius is after China the number 2 country selling monkeys for animal testing.

Tens of thousands of monkeys are kept in large farms across the island. The offspring of these wild-caught monkeys are then sent to labs around the world.

The illegal trade in endangered animals for so-called research is a billion dollar business. Especially in China, the demand is increasing more and more. Also great apes find rapid sales there.

In 2016, the breeders exported 8245 animals to North America and Europe – nearly half of them to the United States (see table below).


6000 primates suffer every year in research in Europe with the support of taxpayers!

Ethics play no role in the global economy today! This is shown by the 10 monkeys, who were sitting in an airtight gas chamber, inhaling the fumes from a VW Beetle, while “cartoons” were shown on a screen.

The monkeys are crammed into small wooden boxes and shipped as cargo in passenger aircraft. On long-haul flights, animals suffer from hunger, thirst, anxiety and stress. Animal rights activists have been protesting for years. Many airlines have already left the cruel transport business due to the worldwide protests.

Mauritius still supplies the primates for animal experiments.

What happens to monkeys from Mauritius in the animal experiment lab … can be seen in this video.


After a doctor pointed out to us in 2013 the monkeys in Mauritius and we made this public, the doctor was threatened and she had to stop her engagement against this massacre. She was even threatened with a career ban.

We can see how big this criminal lobby is.


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My comment: In Mauritius itself, there have been no animal experiments. But the government has now launched a law that will allow the establishment of animal testing laboratories.
Animal experimenters are to be lured into the country to be able to conduct research on monkeys directly on site.

A billion dollar business, a corrupt mafia that earns it and corrupt countries that support this business. From this recycling of violence and unscrupulousness lives the business of the laboratory mafia.

Long-tailed macaques are caught in the wild with traps and penned for mass-breeding in animal factories – a legalized crime. Animals for which there are no consumers, such as big males, are killed and disposed of like garbage.


The breeding establishment Noveprim in Mauritius belongs to 47% of the company Covance. The American company has contract laboratories around the world, including in Münster, Germany.

At Covance in Münster every year about 1,000-2,000 monkeys are killed in painful toxicity tests. The animals are pumped chemicals or drugs into the stomach with a tube or injected into the bloodstream. Eventually the animals are killed.

For many years, the Doctors against animal tests, have together with their European partners launched and supported various protest and letter campaigns from ECEAE (European Coalition to End Animal Experiments).


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What is difficult…



“Being vegan must be so difficult.”…

In reality, taking a few seconds to read ingredients, to look for a brand that doesn’t test on animals, or to find clothing that isn’t derived from an animal is hardly an inconvenience compared to what the animals are forced to endure.




What IS difficult is seeing the dairy industry through the eyes of a female cow: being forcibly impregnated, having your baby taken away and then aching for them, being hooked to a milking machine, and having the cycle repeat until your body physically cannot take it anymore.

What IS difficult is seeing through the eyes of a male calf: being ripped away from your mom, being forced to live chained to a tiny crate and rarely getting exercise, receiving milk replacer instead of your mom’s milk, and being killed at as young as three weeks old for veal.


What IS difficult is seeing the egg industry through the eyes of a hen: having your body manipulated to lay an unnatural amount of eggs, dying from having eggs backed up in your oviduct, having the highest rate of ovarian cancer out of any animal species because your body is overproducing, and being crammed inside a tiny cage with several others while covered in faeces.


What IS difficult is seeing through the eyes of a male chick: being gassed or ground up alive simply because your body isn’t perceived as resourceful to the human species.

What IS difficult is seeing the meat industry through the eyes of pigs, cows, chickens, and other land animals: knowing you are about to die because you can smell the blood and hear the screams of others, being stunned (which usually takes multiple tries), and having your throat slit or being gassed alive, all just so you can wind up on someone’s plate.

What IS difficult is seeing the seafood industry through the eyes of fish, crabs, and other sea animals: having your gills collapse and your eyes pop out from painful decompression, being suffocated, being crammed in floating sea cages or ponds with hundreds of thousands of others, facing infections and diseases, being starved for days before slaughter, and then being slaughtered, all just so you can wind up on someone’s plate.



What IS difficult is what all non-human animals face under speciesism.

As vegans, all we do is align our morals to include them.

📷 Jo-Anne McArthur / We Animals

….and when we recall the last journey to the agonizing death of the 70,000 living creatures of “Midia,” not only we find it difficult to accept it, but we find it as a crime against any morality, decency and progress of a civilized society.

What IS difficult is to accept that 7 billion human carnivores are allowed to decide about the life and death of the “other animals”.

My best regards to all, Venus