21/7 2300hrs GMT – The Romanian Sheep Ship has now Docked at Jeddah Port.

Update: 21/7/19 2300hrs GMT.


The Al Shuwaikh has now docked in Jeddah port tonight (2330hrs local).


Why ? – A ‘Route Plan’ has to be submitted under EU Regulations BEFORE the shipment can take place.  So did the Romanian approved Route Plan always declare Jeddah as the final destination ?, and the ship was simply to return to home base of Kuwait EMPTY from there ?

Now we need to check out the formal Romanian Route Plan to see what the sheep’s final destination actually was – Saudi Arabia or Kuwait ?

The AK could set sail from Jeddah in the next few days, but it does not mean the sheep are on board – it could be returning home empty to Kuwait.

Only the Route Plan approved by the Romanian authorities will declare exactly what the final destination of the sheep was to be.  It could have been Jeddah.

So does this from the EU Commissioner make any sense:

Ref https://www.eurogroupforanimals.org/australia-has-stopped-live-transport-during-high-temperatures-lets-not-lag-behind-commissioner-andriukaitis

Commissioner Andriukaitis’ said only:

On the subject of this weekend’s decision by Romania to go ahead with the transport of 70,000 sheep from Romania to the Persian Gulf, Commissioner Andriukaitis said that the Commission is investigating the issue and that “infringement proceedings against Romania cannot be excluded at this time”.

He said ‘Persian Gulf’ but the plan could have said Saudi Arabia (Jeddah), not Kuwait.  The East of Saudi is in the Persian Gulf; so ‘Persian Gulf’ could have actually meant ‘Saudi Arabia’.

But also, the question is – how many sheep have perished under the shipment conditions ?

The Romanians SHOULD have taken the temperatures for the sheep on the journey into account when they were looking at the submitted (but not approved at the time – Route Plan) in ADVANCE of the shipment.  Did they ?

We will get the Route Plan in some way now and check out what is says.

Regards Mark



The case “Midia”



On July 15, 2019 we received two horror reports from the small port of Romania, Midia.

One was that 70,000 live sheep were to be transported to Kuwait by ship.
The other horror message was the impudent refusal of the meaningless Romanian Minister of Agriculture to ban the transport.

EU Commissioner for Health and Food Safety’s Andriukaitis had emailed Petre Daea to ban this brutal drive of 70,000 sheep to the Persian Gulf.

“I urge you to stop the import of sheep to the Persian Gulf”, said Vytenis Andriukaitis in his letter.

The EU representative Anja Hazekamp was on site and had also demonstrated against the transport unmistakable.

The cruise should take 6 days. Until now (21.07.19, 19:34) the ship is still on its way, and the still alive animals suffer from dehydration, hunger, ammonia stench and heat stroke.

Finally, Agra Minister Daea writes Commissioner Andriukaitis on his ass and gives the green light to a transport that will soon become the mobile Auschwitz for a few thousand animals.

Petre Daea was just finished with his six-month EU- Council presidency when he admitted this illegal animal transport.

In this short time, Daea has been well aware of the inability of certain EU commissioners to benefit.

He understood that he had nothing to fear because his EU colleagues had neither the authority nor the courage to force a meaningless minister to obedience.

And at once he acted with an outrageous authority over his colleague Andriukaitis, which disgusted every civilized and democratic man.

Due to the fundamental inability and ignorance of the EU Commission to take elementary measures against unnecessary suffering in animal transport (such as the ban on transport through Europe and to third countries in the summer), every corrupt minister becomes the head and hangman of the Animal Protection Act, and even in a continent that wants to assert itself as progressive and superior to China or Africa.

The EU Commission, including its 28 idle and useless commissioners, has failed.

All over!

This fact is not new, but it is getting more dramatic.
The case of Midia, including ministers and commissioners, is a scandal, it is cruel, it is inhuman and extremely irresponsible.

The deeper the disappointment for all animal rights activists grows, the more we hope that the new President of the EU Commission, the German Ursula von der Leyen, will bring an appropriate share of responsibility and authority to the lame men of the Commission.

We will talk more about this topic soon.

My best regards to all, Venus


Romanian Sheep shipping news – 21/7/19. Problems ??

Romanian Sheep shipping news – 21/7/19.

Date – 21/7/19 – 10-50hrs GMT


Things seem a little odd with this. From what we can find out, the Al Shuwaikh is still sailing for Kuwait; with its new arrival date now set at an ETA of 2/8/19.

But as of 10-50hrs GMT today, 21/7/19; she is still way up in the Red Sea; just to the East of the port of Jeddah / (near Mecca) in Saudi Arabia. The speed of the vessel over recent times has been between 0.2 and 1.5 knots.

Above – the planned route to Kuwait.

So, we ask, what is happening ? – are there mechanical issues ? – has ‘Kuwait’ as a destination suddenly changed to Jeddah in Saudi Arabia ? – yet the vessel is still scheduled to arrive in Kuwait on 2/8.

0.2 -1.5 knots is not exactly racing along; so why the speed ?

With a cargo of 70,000 live sheep travelling under such extreme conditions; and with temperatures at around 40 degrees, would the vessel not be trying to get to Kuwait as fast as it could ?

Sheep will be dying in their dozens even before they arrive to be ritually slaughtered – as you can see in the 60 minutes video below, the sheep trade from Australia to the middle east often loses 700-800 sheep PER DAY.

We think there may be problems with this sailing / shipment, as there have been with many of these old livestock carrying vessels in the past. Unfortunately we cannot prove this at present, but this ship has been in the Red Sea for a few days now; and that is not really a great distance to travel.

More news to come if we can track with further updates;

Regards Mark – WAV.