Fight the Good Fight for Animals In Transport.


Want to hear a story about the EU ?

The European Commission should actually be paying us to do the job of being EU inspectors.

But desperation is not in our vocabulary, so we work independently. We have been doing this blog since the first day (15/7) of the shipment from Romania, and only with the modest resources that we have available.

It is illegal and ethically unacceptable for a ship with 70,000 live sheep to be at sea since 15 July.

Primarily the biggest disgrace was that no one was able to forbid the ship to depart in the first place.

Commissioner Andriukaitis (below) has failed.

EU countries, as member states, should be forced (policed) to comply with EU animal transport regulations. EU Regulations (1/20005) stipulate that animals can be transported in heat only as long as the temperature in the vehicles does not exceed 30 ° C (with 5 ° C tolerance upwards).

This is stipulated by the Regulation for animal transports over 8 hours journey time.

The ‘Al Shuwaikh’ is on the sea since July 15 with 70,000 Romanian sheep.

It has previously docked in Jeddah; and today (29/7) in Jebel Ali which is located in United Arab Emirates.

How many animals are still being carried ? – are they all offloaded at ports or are some still aboard and alive ?, what has become of the bodies of those who have died painfully in the past?

Should we wait until they are sighted by tourists and share the beach of Tenerife?

Is not it to be feared that half of the sheep are already dead when they drive around the sea for two full weeks at a temperature of over 40 degrees?

So much for EU Regulations !

And is not it shameful that none of our highly paid EU Commissioners are worried, how are the sheep going to be disposed of?

Disrespect! Not only towards animals, but also towards the environment, against the law, which is designed by the EU itself to keep everything correct and in check !!.

Image result for sheep suffering in transport

We at WAV / SAV reported about it.

We were among the 70,000 living beings in this way, that was the least we could do for them, we could not do anything else.

Now we are talking with other animal organisations to approach future campaigns against actions such as this.

In the future, we will often take to the streets.

We are fed up with corruption, indifference, the cheating of people and animals by non-compliant governments and EU oligarchs.

We are many who want to abolish mass animal husbandry and torturous animal transports.

And we will fight hard and consistent for our Animal Companions.

Regards – Mark and Venus.



Romanian Sheep Transporter Vessel -Update 29/7/19 – Docked In UAE.

Update 29/7/19 – 1730hrs GMT


The Al Shuwaikh livestock carrier has today (1629hrs) visited Port of Jebel Ali which is located in United Arab Emirates at 25.0384N, 55.0628E.



ETA for Kuwait is still 3/8/19.


Former Trainers Accuse SeaWorld of Drugging and Starving Whales.

Former Trainers Accuse SeaWorld of Drugging and Starving Whales.

Posted by Jane Wolfe

In yet more negative publicity for the controversial theme park, SeaWorld is in the headlines again with two former employees claiming whales at the attraction were habitually drugged and starved to control their behavior.

Speaking to the Sun, former SeaWorld trainers Jeffrey Ventre and John Hargrove said the park’s inhumane treatment of whales caused the marine mammals severe distress and serious psychological problems, leading them to self-mutilate, grind their teeth and chew enclosure concrete, causing acute dental damage.

According to Ventre, SeaWorld told employees to lie to visitors and tell them that injuries evident on the whales — such as dorsal fin collapse — were normal, rather than, as is believed, due to inactivity and the stress of living in captivity.

He also said that the park forced trainers to tell children that killer whales only live for 25 to 30 years, when in fact they can live up to 80 years in the wild, but frequently die early, at about 17, when captive.

“The job is more akin to a stunt man or clown performing with captive animals using food deprivation as a motivator,” Ventre said.

“The whales and dolphins were stressed and this caused stomach ulcers,” he explained. “So they got meds for that. They also got chronic infections, so they got antibiotics. They were also sometimes aggressive or hard to control so they could be given Valium.”

“I worked with some whales that were on medication every day of their life and have personally watched whales die at very young ages from disease,” added Hargrove.

The trainers’ claims of cruelty follow the welcome announcement earlier this month that Virgin Holidays will no longer be selling tickets or packages to attractions that have captive whales or dolphins.


The “worst zoo in the world” is in Egypt


They are cruel pictures. The Giza zoo in Egypt is a horror for the animals. It is time for Egypt to close this zoo and free these innocent animals!

In many ways Egypt rivals China in its abhorrent treatment of animals.


white brown monkey in cage at giza zoo


Animals in extremely small confined spaces with no food or water. Elephants are chained up, lions are circling neurotically in tight cages, the animals there are far too close to each other, many are sore and apathetic.
The Giza Zoo, founded in 1891, used to be the most spectacular – and popular – zoo in all of Africa.

Today, it’s a shadow of what it once was.

Animals live in crowded cages and are rarely exercised. Zookeepers were also known to pad their wallets by charging visitors to enter the cages.

Video footage from the zoo shows an elephant’s foot chained to a post preventing the animal from walking around. Other animals are just slaughtered.



But not only the horror zoo leads to a boycott was called to make a holiday in Egypt. The rampant abuse of horses, camels and donkeys at major attractions such as the Pyramids of Giza has also led to this. (



It is time for Egypt to close this zoo and free these innocent animals!

In today’s Egypt the animals suffer a very heavy fate. The country has almost no laws protecting wild and domesticated animals and they are exposed to every kind of abuse imaginable.

Egypt competes in many ways with China for the appalling treatment of animals.


For more…at:


My comment: Most tourists visiting Cairo close their eyes.
They open it only to the world wondering to look at the pyramids, and the tragic miracle of what happens next to them, the misery of the work animals and their brutal torture leaves them indifferent.

This is the continuation of slavery in the 21st century.
2500 BC it was slaves who performed these miracles.

Today the animals are the slaves who every day and in miserable condition have to transport the tourists of their owners.
But these torments are favored by the stupid tourists who allow their use of obviously tortured animals to cause new suffering.

Please sign and share the Petition:

My best regards to all, Venus

Oman: Mega dairy farm in the desert


On the Arabian Peninsula, the Omani Sultanate is creating a mega-dairy farm where around 25,000 cows produce around one million liters of milk a day. The plant is managed by the Mazoon Dairy Company.


The giant farm is scheduled to go into operation in the next three months.

“In the first phase, we will start producing 350,000 liters of milk a day,” said Saleh Al Shanfari, managing director of the Oman Food Investment Holding Company (OFIHC) on the “Times of Oman”.

The farm is designed for the management of 25,000 cows. “At present we have around 4,000, mainly from Australia imported dairy cows in the farm, but the herd is growing,” said Al Shanfari.

By 2030, a total of 365 million liters per year (or 1 million liters of milk per day) are to be produced.


Objective of the XXL farm: reduce milk imports


In addition to the cowsheds, a dairy, a sales and logistics center, a biogas plant and a field with solar panels are to be built.

According to Al Shanfari, milk production has already started as a test phase. At the same time, excess milk is exported and sold locally to large milk producers.

With the XXL farm, Oman wants to set up its own dairy industry to reduce dependence on imported dairy products.


My comment: First of all, some important information about the milk.

Animal protein, especially that from the milk, is a very good promoter of cancer growth.This has been proven in studies.

Professor T. Colin Campell examined this as part of his China Study, which was funded by US and Chinese taxpayers, and stated, “Which protein turned out to be carcinogenic? Casein, which accounts for 87% of the bread contained in cow’s milk, promotes all stages of cancer growth.

But it gets worse: according to a study by the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health, 92% of the toxic substances in the diet (dioxins and PCBs) come from animal products.
The largest individual supplier of toxins is milk with 47%.

Of course, the average citizen does not know that the milk contains a variety of different hormones (growth hormones, sex hormones, etc.) that are otherwise available only on prescription in the pharmacy due to their health risks.

Cow’s milk is used biologically to breed a calf within a very short time.

However, when this hormone cocktail encounters an organism such as a human, which is not destined for this effect, the entire pattern of a chronic, often deadly disease becomes understandable.

The result is: cancer, heart disease, diabetes, dementia, Alzheimer’s, strokes …

Today we know a lot about the relationship between diet and health.
But true science is deliberately buried under harmful information, which are produced by the propaganda of the meat and milk mafia.

Because, in the state committees around the world, which set the official dietary recommendations, the members are mainly representatives of the animal industry (Dr. med. Ernst Walter Henrich)

Best regards to all, Venus


France and Spain: the massacre of the turtle pigeons is over!



Is the turtle pigeon hunt over soon?

Every year in France and Spain, hunters legally shoot between 1.4 and 2.2 million lovebirds that’s about a quarter of the stock in the entire European Union!

At the same time, the species dies out faster than protective measures can take effect.


The EU has now initiated a lawsuit against both countries,  because they still release the Turtle Dove almost unlimitedly for launch.

The “Committee Against Bird Slaughter” had just published a scientific study of the current hunting statistics this spring, including fresh information on the unbelievable amount of turtle hunting.



The governments in Madrid and Paris now have the opportunity to explain themselves.

If they do not do so, they will be taken to the European Court of Justice. Chances are better than ever!

My comment: Turtle doves are a symbol of love and happiness, and some people believe that they can cure disease.
That is why two to three million birds are killed every year in the EU alone?

The organization BirdLife International, estimates that up to 600,000 lovebirds in the Mediterranean are shot down each year.

You have to be a pathetic, underdeveloped monster to enjoy the murder of these peaceful, lovely birds.
But with this massacre it seems to be over.
At least the French and Spanish psychopaths will soon have to look for another fun in the future.

Best regards, Venus


Support BOSF and get Orangutans Back Into the Wild.

Borneo: Support BOSF and Get Orangutans Back Into the Wild – They Have – 400. Read and See Amazing News Here.