The terrible camel transports in Egypt


Like all other “useful” animals, camels are also transported: to markets, slaughterhouses or racing camels for sporting events.

The animals are exposed to terrible suffering during transport. Their protection plays almost no role.


Image: Animals Angels-When unloading without a ramp, the danger of falling is great.

Camels are  brutally exploited as ‘racing’ camels in sport and as ‘farm animals’ for the production of milk, meat and leather.
Just like all other useful animals, camels are also in terrible conditions transported.


Image: Animals Angels-Often extremely overloaded vans: The camels are transported tied up in a sitting position and can not move, partly for trips of more than 30 hours.


In addition to short-distance transports, the animals are also transported between countries by truck or ship over long distances.
Some transports take several days and some of the camels have to travel long distances on foot. International animal welfare standards are ignored.

The camels are beaten on the transporters, pulled from their trucks by the lugs, ears or tails and thrown.

Since 2017, Animals’ Angels has been uncovering catastrophic conditions in many countries in the Middle East and advocating changes in the camel theme internationally.
Here is the last report from Egypt:

For more…at:

My comment: Around 6,000 BC, people in lesser populated Egypt started livestock farming.

Today they do the same thing, after 6000 years, and not just the Egyptians.
But Egypt is the country with one of the oldest civilization history, which it sells very well as a tourist attraction today.

And that is the tragic: to still sell the “pyramids” to the tourists as a wonder of the world, and not to realize that the greatest wonder for Egypt is their own society, which has still remained in horse and camel slavery, as in ancient times of the pharaohs.

My best regards, Venus

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