Germany and the hunting terror


Almost 385,000 hunters exist in Germany.
Actually, this is a wretched minority of 0,45% unofficial psychopaths with an official license to murder defenseless animals in the forest. The hunting law in Germany is an empowerment law and dates back to 1933. It authorizes hunters to seize foreign property.

First of all we have to make one thing clear: The aim of the hunt is the execution or the killing, possibly of the most beautiful animals as a personal trophy – and nothing else.

There are several hunting (murder) methods in Germany.
Person hunting, social hunting, pressure hunt, hunt, construction hunt … all equipped with dirty means to lure defenseless animals out of their homes with trained dogs or to make them easier victim for the hunter.
One of the cruelest hunting methods is the “sealing system” (Schliefanlagen).

What is a sealing system?

The dogs are trained on live foxes, which are caught and caged for this purpose. The hunters thereby violate the Animal Welfare Act § 3 paragraph 7.

Of course, the hunter trains his dogs hidden from the public, with the purpose of finding the foxes in their burrows and more easily driving in front of the hunter or “killing” them directly in their burrows.

The hunter does not care about the fox. The foxes are locked up and get some food thrown into the cage so they do not starve.
Usually locals or strollers are aware of the fact that the foxes are crying out in the cages while attempting to escape. No construction, no hiding place or shelter. Nothing. Only the bare ground and the grid in mind that denies access to visible freedom.


The purpose of these facilities is to train the dogs to drive the foxes out of their burrows and so the hunter can shoot them more easily. Or to teach the dogs to choke them in their burrow.


Hunting dogs are thus “trained”. Ask a hunter, he will claim that the foxes live a wonderful life in the sealing facilities... Such methods are legal in Germany!

A fox is driven into the tube. The dog behind. In contrast to the real, own fox construction, the fox does not know these courses.
Besides, it does not know which courses are blocked and which are not. Hounded by the dog, the fox tries to escape and, logically, escapes in the direction to wich hunter forces him, with shotting off the corridors.


The video, although in German, still helps to get a look behind the fences and barracks


For more…at:

Ladies and gentlemen, fortunately, we live in a democracy and we have freedom of expression. And my opinion is: hunters are terrorists, murderers and liars!


Best regards to all, Venus


2 Responses

  1. Thank you for post, Venus. So true.

  2. Mankind is sick, suffering from a syndrome: greed with money-cruelty-domination over living beings, and that is why there are hunters, vivisectors, slaughterers and consequent medical-pharmacological profiteers, fraudsters.The abbreviated name of the syndrome is the criminal-profiteering-fraudulent syndrome.

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