New Zeland: we say: “thank you”!


Swimming with dolphins is the wish of many tourists and they are willing to pay a lot of money. Scientists have been criticizing dolphin swimming for a long time. To protect the dolphins, now New Zealand has banned swimming with dolphins. Not the profit may be in the foreground, but the animal welfare, so the government of New Zealand.

In the Bay of Islands on the North Island of New Zealand, people were able to swim with the dolphins. With dire consequences, the number of dolphins visiting the bay has fallen 66% since 1999. Now tourists can only watch the dolphins from a distance. This is a great step on behalf of New Zealand to protect dolphins in the area.

With boats, the tourists go to the dolphins swimming on the water. As soon as the dolphins arrive, the tourists jump into the water and try to stroke the dolphins and take a photo for the social networks. Often it is the nature lovers who visit New Zealand because of the beautiful landscape, but they are unaware that it is their actions that endanger nature.

Because people who swim with dolphins disturb the sensitive animals and disturb their natural life.

It was not until May 2019 that the New Zealand government published that the environment in New Zealand was in serious trouble. Every year more than two million tourists come to New Zealand. And in the Bay of Islands, tour operators offer dolphin-watching tours in nature. “Explore the Bay of Islands on a nature exploration cruise on the high-speed catamaran. Experience these intelligent and playful mammals in their natural habitat: “From 74 euros a tourist can book this four-hour tour.

Many people are unaware that swimming with dolphins in the sea disturbs their way of life and leads to behavioral changes. When people actively pursue and encourage dolphins to swim with them and spend time with them, it is called harassment.
Researchers at Newcastle University have already shown in a study that this thesis is well justified. For example, they were able to prove that the animals are tired and dull when people come to their habitats for dolphin swimming.



They were born to live freely and not to be mistreated for profit.

Below is a video from 2018 showing the popular activity that was banned now, thanks New Zealand!



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My comment: The supply regulates the demand, it is in the entertainment industry.

The tour organizers are not at all interested in the suffering of the animals, even if mass extinction happens, the entertainment mafia does not shy away from it.
The tourists are not informed under what dire circumstances and consequences the dolphins of nature are snatched away.

But there are a large number of them who, despite their information, are even less interested in animal suffering and are doing some kind of colonial tourism in exotic countries in recent years. Their main goal is to bring home selfies and rare docu photos with wild animals. They want more and more action and adventure, which usually happens at the expense of the animals.

We can save the suffering animals in the entertainment industry by sending pictures, videos and documentations to the tour operators and the relevant ministries. Of the mass alone, the change will not come.

In Germany there are only two dolphinariums left, in Nuremberg and in the zoo of Duisburg. However, there have been petitions on the Internet for some time now demanding that they be shut down and the dolphins released. Dolphinariums are also part of the dirty entertainment industry.

Only when the supply disappears, then the demand is gone.

My best reagards, Venus


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