“All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others”


No animal should suffer like this. Please watch this to the end.



There are many things we can not imagine: that about 90% of people consider the life of a dog more valuable than that of a sheep.

Paul McCartney said, “If the walls of slaughterhouses were made of glass, no one would eat meat.”

The walls have been made of glass for a long time. With the undercover investigations, with the reports that even come in public television channels or newspapers. With the demos against slaughterhouses, with the mobilization of the mass resulting from successful petitions, such as “end the cage age”

And yet: the consumption of meat increases, the animals are transported for days or weeks to death, meat remains cheap, the meat mafia goes richer.
Many say that’s capitalism.
But in the countries of the so-called real socialism, there has also been mass animal husbandry under dire conditions.

Exploitation and cruelty seem to be the basic moral of any system.

If we take into account that the production moral of capitalism is: For what purpose can I use animals? How and to what extent can animals help increase my profit? then we come to the conclusion that the change in meat consumption will not (or not primarily) come from the masses, but from above, that is from the system.



We have recently experienced the sensational entry of the “Beyond Meat”. Everyone talks about it, and many well-known and recognized animal rights organizations warmly recommend it.

Many have tried it, out of curiosity or conviction, many only want Beyond Meat, others will follow, at least for the moment it is seen as a sensation in restaurants; but it does not really matter. The result counts.

And the result is…“the stock’s explosive 136% move higher since the May 2 2019 initial public offering”.

As the vegan products evolve, so too does the conscious wine and consumption of the mass.
Of course, this is also a capitalist product that subjecst to the usual capitalist rules, but with one important difference: the company that prizes it does not participate in the daily millionfold murder, which overshadows in cruelty, rudeness and cowardice all the terrors even of the world wars.

People will never stop seeing a value in their use of animals.
That was 500 years ago, today is the same, only extremely worse.

The original moral strength of capitalism was the usefulness of people’s attitude. Through battles, sacrifices and laws, human animals have achieved a (relatively) decent standard of living, and especially formal rights.

Animals are still subject to usability in today’s capitalist system. The pig, the cow, the sheep is not an animal. The system treats them just like a machine in a factory.
So if we want to abolish (or at least reduce) slavery and animal exploitation within this system, we have to play with its rules, we need giving capitalism the opportunity to earn money on vegan meat.

“LYNX”: “Beyond Meat without question has wracked up several big partnership deals this year in the fast-food space. From one with Dunkin’ Brands (DNKN) for a sausage breakfast sandwich to faux chicken at Yum! Brands-owned Kentucky Fried Chicken (YUM) , Beyond Meat has shown it’s moving aggressively to expand distribution”.


Yes! Of course, it is paradoxical and even unorthodox for people with a pronounced anti-capitalist ideology, if we support this system on an equal footing. On the other hand, it is even more paradoxical that the left has not been providing support or education for vegan ideology for decades, which we actually would have expected from the left, because it corresponds to their ideals that say, “The struggle for social justice is also a fight against the destruction of our environment and the brutalization of man against the animals”.

As much as these videos reflect our forces and hopes for a better world for animals, so honestly we have to say that there is a change in sight, we notice it on many levels of life.

Under our fight, which goes on and harder, has already brought many good results.
Hope, courage, fight is our ideology.
And our practice.



Best regards to all, Venus


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