Australia: I Am Invisible.


And the high walls of factory farms are designed to ensure she stays that way.

With rare reviews of legal standards for hens and pigs taking place, these animals desperately need to be seen.

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Have you noticed that when a truck of pigs or chickens pulls up at traffic lights, all eyes turn away from them? Why? Because when we look into their eyes we see individuals looking back at us. When we look into their eyes we connect with them — we feel our affinity with them. When we look into their eyes we recognise their vulnerability. We feel for them… The human heart instantly responds.

One of the defining reasons why pigs and chickens in this country have been denied the protection of animal cruelty laws is because they are unseen: hidden away in mammoth factory farms. The legislators who have the ability to change their lives for the better — cannot see them. The people who would make kinder choices — cannot see them. These animals are ‘invisible’.

But they don’t have to be. With decision-makers revisiting laws that allow hens to live their entire lives crammed in barren cages and sensitive mother pigs to be kept caged in crates — the most important thing we can do is ensure these animals are seen.

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This time last year, an end to caging hens wasn’t even being considered. But unprecedented public feedback to the ‘poultry code review’ has put a ban on the battery cage squarely on the table.

Yet despite the public consultation ending over 18 months ago, we’ve just learned that a final decision on the future for hens in this country has again been delayed.

It seems various government processes are currently more focused on silencing and stopping those exposing animal cruelty than protecting animals from cruelty in the first place. And all the while, the animals wait. The very fact that they are hidden allows these outrageous delays.

For only the second time in the past 20 years, Australian laws that allow severe confinement of mother pigs and, inconceivably, body parts to be cut off their babies without pain relief are also due to be reviewed.

These animals desperately need us to create a window into their world. To reveal that these fragile hens are not production units, they are individual living beings who deserve so much better from us. As do the gentle and playful pigs whose lives in factory farms are so miserable they are known to suffer depression.

That’s why, now more than ever, we need to remind decision-makers who these animals are. That they live and breathe and dream and feel… That while they may be hidden from their view — they equally need protection from cruel treatment.

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Like most people, most politicians have never stepped foot inside a factory farm. They’re not places keen to open their doors. And there’s a reason for that. It’s because ‘life’ for the animals confined within them is so at odds with how things were meant to be.

Hens naturally want to flap their wings, peck in the soil and lay their eggs in privacy. Pigs naturally want to explore and dig, and build nests for their babies. Given the opportunity both hens and pigs will respond to kindness with affection. But in factory farms, the daily lives of these animals have been systematically stripped of everything that makes life worth living — because of ‘production systems’ that kept them hidden and unseen.

We have a vision to change that by shining a light on their existence and taking their plea for compassion and kindness directly to the very people who have the power to change their world.

If you too can envision a peaceful, kind world for animals then please help us create it.

For the animals,

Lyn White AM
Director of Strategy


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