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A hunter was impaled in the US state of Arkansas by a deer. The man had killed the animal shortly before – at least he meant that.

A hunter was impaled in the US state of Arkansas by a deer. The man had killed the animal shortly before – at least he meant that.

Alexander had shot an adult stag during a hunting trip in Yellville. After watching the animal stop moving, the hunter approached to make sure he had killed the stag. Apparently the animal was not dead: When Alexander touched it, the animal got up and attacked the man.

The hunter was able to call his wife even after the attack. This alarmed the rescue service. Badly injured, Alexander was taken to the hospital.

The 66-year-old Thomas Alexander died a few hours later in the hospital.


But where is the “brutal” – deer?

“While such an attack is rare, it’s not uncommon,” says a spokesperson for the Arkansas Conservation Agency.

The death of Thomas Alexander is the first fatal hunting accident (!!!) in Arkansas this year, it says.

Last year, three hunters lost their lives during the hunting season – one fell from his high seat and another shot himself.

Another hunter was mistaken on the hunt with a stag and shot.

A government spokesman said, “The animal is on the run. We have not found it yet.

Here an original message of the step-son of Thomas Alexander, Greg Alexander,  published in Facebook:

“As many know, my father Tom Alexander passed away on Tuesday after being mauled by a deer, which he had assumed dead after he shot it. He has hunted and killed many deer and was a very experienced outdoorsman. He always followed and respected hunting laws, and took safety extremely serious. This was just a 1 in a million type of thing that ended tragically. I don’t blame the animal and I know dad wouldn’t either.

He was not only an amazing father, he was my best friend. We hunted, fished, watched football and planned to start a little cow farm when he retired early next year. This man was one of a kind. He was always positive even when he would call and rant about politics or complain about a football call that didn’t go the Chiefs way.

He spent his time thinking up ways to make you laugh and was always the life of the party. He would give to you even when you wronged him, he didn’t have a mean bone in his body. I can’t remember a time as a kid that he missed a day of work, so dedicated to his craft. He was an engineer, surveyor, carpenter, welder, plumber, farmer and knew how to do or fix just about anything.

I am blessed to be his son, but will miss my best friend. I have had so much support from friends, family, wildlife officers (who are now friends) I thank you all for that. I want to especially thank my step mother Valerie Alexander for caring for him so well for many years, loving him to pieces and supporting him in just about anything he wanted to do”.



My comment: We can only guess that the step-son’s lobbying work for Thomas Alexander on Facebook is an attempt to curb the shitstorm that is booming on Facebook.

Most killers in the forest are good fathers, good neighbors and good colleagues.
The mafia bosses, arms dealers, drug dealers are also very caring fathers. They go to church and take care of their family.
This does not stop them from killing innocent animals or people.

A victim defends himself, what could be more just than actively defending one’s life?

And we wish the brave avenger all the best and that he never falls into the hands of a psychopath again.


My best regards to all, Venus


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  1. I totally agree with Venus. To my position : all “hunters” are villains and deserve life imprisonment or death penalty.

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