Germany: “calves cheaper than canary birds”


“The real scandal is not the price, but that animals are traded, abused, exploited and murdered”.


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Calves now cost less than nine euros, according to SPIEGEL-MAGAZIN information. Such cheap prices are “the sad side effect of industrial agriculture,” says the Green Party politician Ostendorff (full member of the Committee on Food and Agriculture).

Cattle breeders in Germany are currently facing an unprecedented drop in prices.

A black and white cow calf was still worth 8.49 euros in October.



This follows from the response of the Ministry of Agriculture to the Federal MEP Parliament, Friedrich Ostendorff, according to the information of an industrial service.

Market restrictions due to bluetongue are responsible for the price erosion, according to the ministry.
Transport restrictions, such as to Spain, have recently led to an oversupply of female calves, which cost just under 30 euros in June.



The German Agriculture Minister Julia Klöckner had expressed in a letter to her Bavarian counterparts doubt (!!!) whether such transports are compatible with the EU Regulation. A few weeks old animals are often over 19 hours in the truck on the way.

Animal welfare, according to Ostendorff, that is not.

Hubertus Paetow, President of the German Agricultural Society, says that the problem has a far greater dimension:

“The calf has no real place in the value chain and so it ends up being squandered in principle,” he told the magazine Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.

Calves are co-products of milk production”(!!!)


But with the restrictions alone, the price decline is hardly explainable. The green agricultural expert considers other reasons more important: The cheap prices are “the sad side effect of industrial agriculture,” says Ostendorff.

“The intensive milk production also leads to too many calves being produced for the market.”

Ottmar Ilchmann of the Association of Farming Agriculture considers the prices for a scandal: “There a calf costs less than a canary bird.” The one-sided breeding of certain breeds only on milk yield makes their offspring for the mast uneconomical. In addition, the food supplies are scarce due to the drought.

“These thin calves are often no longer considered animals, but only as damage.”


My comment: In this one sentence manifests the perversion of industrial meat- and milk mafia:

“These thin calves are often no longer considered animals, but only as damage.”

In the concentration camps of the Nazis, about 6 million human victims were murdered and also raped, tortured…
Client: none (or one)!

In the concentration camps of the perpetrators of the 21st century, about 900 million (Germany) and 70-75 billion (worldwide) non-human victims are raped, tortured, tortured and murdered every year.

Client: Billions of carnivorous human animals.

And yet there is one difference: The Nazis did not breed their victims!
The perpetrators of the animal concentration camps are multiplying their (non-human) victims billions!

The crimes of the Nazis ended in 1945!
The crimes committed in the Tier KZ’s of the 21st century, with billions of non-human victims, continue unabated!


This fact proves that the human species belongs to a fascist race, and that out of conviction.

My best regards to all, Venus

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  1. The difference are :
    1. the Nazis did not eat their victims.
    2. Nazi crimes have become illegal, speciesistic crimes are still legal.

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