“we will leave this ship only when every living animal is outside”!



Animal rescue from the capsized ship – still living sheep on board 🚢❗️

Tirelessly, our ARCA Letea Wild Horses team worked with Romanian firefighters until late at night to look for survivors. Knowing that there are still conscious animals aboard drives us against all fatigue and exhaustion back to the partially flooded aisles of the freighter.

We have no time to reflect on the incredible sight that this ship, laden with the corpses of thousands of animal carcasses, represents.

Every time we almost give up hope, the leg of a sheep suddenly flinches in front of us. From nowhere, we hear again and again a soft “Mäh”, which steers us in the direction of a breathing animal.

Together we pull the terrified animals out of the mass grave to the light of day.

According to the code of honor of a captain, we will leave this ship only when every living animal is outside!



And we mean…Many thanks to the strong and brave activists!

That would be a useful task for the many employees of the Eurogroup looking for survivors.

In contrast to us, who are supposed to earn their own money with a job, the people of the Eurogroup have a lot of free time and can finally make themselves useful.

My best regards to all, Venus


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