Switzerland: pioneer in animal welfare


Arosa village prohibits advertising for fur products.



The sophisticated holiday resort in Graubünden, Switzerland, known for guaranteed snow and wonderful ski slopes is now making headlines because the municipality has decided to ban all advertising in the village for fur products in the future.

FOUR PAWS congratulates the Arosa municipal board on this decision and congratulates on this courageous, innovative and far-sighted action.

Arosa is a holiday resort in the Alpental Schanfigg in the Swiss canton of Graubünden. The place is known for its lakes, ski slopes and hiking trails such as the “Squirrels Way”.


This means that Arosa has a lot of tourism all year round.



The holiday destination is therefore very trendy. Because even large luxury brands such as Chanel, Burberry and Gucci have been doing without furs for some time.

FOUR PAWS sees the ban on advertising fur products as an important signal for other tourist locations to do the same to Arosa.

Pascal Jenny, Arosa’s tourism director, explains the decision for fur-free advertising in the village as follows: «Arosa is a pioneer and already shows with the Arosa Bear Country how animal welfare and tourism work together in an exemplary manner. This advertising ban is a logical next step on this path. »

In the opinion of FOUR PAWS, the decision shows that ethical fashion and animal welfare have also become enormously important in tourism.

Instead of real fur cruelty to animals, modern consumers today also want sustainability and innovation in this area.

«It is really a forward-looking message that Arosa is no longer advertising fur products. Hopefully many Swiss tourism destinations and municipalities will follow this example. Arosa advertises with sustainable tourism and shows impressively that it can be put into action ».

Alexandra Mandoki, Country Head of FOUR PAWS Switzerland.

The fur industry kills more than 100 million animals each year. Mink, fox and raccoon dogs suffer on fur farms in tiny wire cages, other species die a cruel death by falling. High amounts of dangerous chemicals are used to process fur for fur fashion.



FOUR PAWS has been working internationally on the subject of fur for many years and is committed to an import ban on fur products in Switzerland.


And I mean…Thanks to responsible for tourism in the village Arosa.

Switzerland has banned the hobby of hunting in the canton of Geneva since 1974, with a popular vote.

Since then they have only received positive results on the regulation of wild animal populations in the canton.

In Zurich, animals have lawyers! that is the Swiss Antoine F. Goetschel, who officially has the job of the animal advocate for the Canton of Zurich.

The Swiss have banned transito animal transports through their country, I quote from the Swiss Transport Regulations:
“A transit ban applies for the transit of cattle, pigs, sheep, goats, horses and poultry by truck through Switzerland”.

And in Switzerland the journey time for animal transports from the loading point may not exceed six hours (Art. 15 Para. 1 TSchG).

I live just an hour from Switzerland and visit the country at least three times a year.
And I like to do it!

Thanks Switzerland!


My best regards to all, Venus


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