Germany! your hunters and murderer


Hanau: Hobby hunter murders 11 people!


Tobis Rathjen.


In the Hessian city of Hanau, nine people were killed and six injured. The police find the alleged gunman and another person lifeless in an apartment.

The killer had previously killed his mother (72).

A letter of confession and a video are currently being evaluated.
According to police circles and, the man has a hunting license and a corresponding gun possession card.

Ammunition and magazines were said to have been in his vehicle. In addition, he is said to have been active as a sports shooter.
According to initial information, it should be the 43-year-old German Tobis Rathjen.

All victims, except the perpetrator’s mother, have a migration background. Five of them were Turkish citizens. The rest of the people came from Poland, Bulgaria, Romania and Bosnia. Some also had the German passport.

According to information from security circles, a letter of confession has been found.

The man was convinced that he would be monitored in all possible phases and areas of life – by “an organization that operates on the basis of a secret service but does not appear officially by name”.


The wild animals have a terror problem from the right for decades.

In his “essay” there are also various right-wing extremist and xenophobic statements – in his opinion it is not enough to identify certain ethnic groups because their existence is “in itself a fundamental mistake” (typical hunter’s ideas – see for example foxes or neo-zoos– Editor’s note).

A number of peoples must be “completely destroyed”, including half of Asia, various ethnic groups from North Africa and Israel.

Whoever gets the hunting license always receives two things: a license for killing and a license for stupid.

Many hobby hunters are gunmen and active in shooting clubs. In addition, amateur hunters also commit a striking number of violent offenses in Germany, but only the tip of the iceberg appears in the media.

A look at the hunting statistics also shows the full extent of the culture of violence in the milieu.

And I mean…As long as his victims were from other species, he was allowed to continue murdering and nobody was interested.
Now he kills 11 human animals and everyone is horrified.


My best regards to all, Venus


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