Romania: Mass murder for pigs


In Romania, a large pig breeding facility again fell victim to the Danish DanBred group of African Swine Fever (ASF). The population of around 42,000 animals was culled immediately after the disease had been diagnosed in 23 pigs (!!!)


Last year, two other factories with more than 29,000 pigs had already been cleared from the company.

According to the national veterinary authority, a large pig farm in the central southern region in the Argeş province, about 80 km west of the capital Bucharest is also affected.

23 pigs died of the deadly animal disease. The ASF also broke out in 37 backyard poses.

Around 200 pigs were affected there.


Battles on the sidewalk in a small town: The picture was taken just before Christmas 2017 in southern Romania. Image rights: Annett Müller-Heinze / MDR

In terms of area, more than half of the country is affected.

In addition, more than half a million pigs have been culled since the first ASF case in July 2017.


Map of the EU Commission on the spread of swine fever in Eastern Europe (status at the end of November 2019).
Part I (blue) stands for risk due to the proximity to the infection,
Part II (pink) are wild boars infected,
Part III (red) are areas where domestic and wild boar are affected. Image rights: EU Commission


Ukraine also reports outbreaks of domestic pigs again.

After a first case of ASF in a back yard in Greece in early February, no further outbreaks have been reported from there so far. The measures there seem to have taken effect.

Because Romania does not get the situation under control, the country has been banned from exporting to many foreign markets.

However, this has no effect on the domestic price. This has even doubled due to the slump in domestic production and is now around € 4 per kg slaughter weight.

Experts anticipate that a price of over € 6 could be possible in the foreseeable future.


Home slaughter in Transylvania, 2013.  Image rights: Annett Müller-Heinze

Some of the domestic producers are currently not allowed to export pork to the EU due to the disease in the country. The Union wants these conditions to prevent the virus from spreading to other countries.

My comment: 42,000 healthy animals killed!
Because 23 pigs were infected with it?

The people who are most afraid of swine fever are the ones who let the pigs be slaughtered anyway: pig keepers.
Because if swine fever precedes them and even only one animal of their “herd” becomes infected with the disease, all animals must be killed prematurely.

A losing business for the farmers, because they only make money from the death of the pigs in the slaughterhouse..

And how is it in Germany?

Although in Germany there is not a single pig infected with the plague, the hunters “preventively” kill 600,000 wild boars per year.
Because the hunters blame these animals for the main bearers of the African plague.

Most farmers are also hunters and receive a special shot bonus.
Slaughter money / shooting money.
What more do you want as a pig farmer?

Why is no vaccine being developed?
“It is very difficult to put laboratory results into practice,” say us all those who tortured the animals in laboratories to develop the vaccine. But the “preventive killing” of 600,000 wild boars is cheaper and fun for the hunters.

So far, 157 cases of coronavirus infection have been confirmed in Germany.
Could someone come up with the same idea of “preventively” kill based on these 157 cases …

My best regards to all, Venus


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