Czech Republic: sharp laws against animal organized crime


Czech Republic: Targeted Strike Against Animal Torture and Puppy Mafia!


At the beginning of March 2020, the Czech parliament voted in favor of a harsher punishment for torturers, puppy dealers and illegal breeders. With the support of the President, cruelty to animals will soon face severe punishments. With the change in the law, the Czech Republic is taking a role model for other European countries!


After the law has come into force, cruelty to animals is expected to be imprisoned for up to six years.
This can also be pronounced without probation if there were no other crimes before.

Illegal breeding facilities were redefined as criminal offenses in order to be able to deal with their handling of dogs and cats in a way that is contrary to animal welfare.


Anyone who still operates such illegal breeding facilities can face up to ten years in prison or a fine of up to 200,000 euros.


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My comment: If you enter the word “dog puppy” in Google, over 100,000 results appear. First place: eBay classifieds.
Yes! the platform has long since not only sold second-hand goods, but also living beings.

The business with puppies on the Internet is booming: it is estimated that over a million dogs are offered each year, making eBay classified ads one of the largest trading centers for the pet trade in Germany.

A study that has now been published shows that the total sales value is projected to be over one billion euros per year – mostly it is criminal traders who sell puppies via the platform.

More than ever the animal shelters are overcrowded today, up to 70,000 pets came to a shelter in Germany during the summer vacation season alone.

We are a consumer society, just as we consume meat and eggs, so we “consume” pet animals. If a purchased item does not work, we order the next one online.

Do not buy animals on the Internet or from breeders!

Go to an animal shelter and spend a day there, you will surely find your future friend.


Thanks to the corona virus, we’re all on holidays now!

My best regards to all, Venus

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  1. It is good, if they apply these legal provisions.

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