Coronavirus: The Hammer and the Dance


I don’t have a “good night” post for you today, dear friends.
But for that, a brilliant article about Corona that has to be read by everyone.
From everyone who wants to be informed.

It is factual, scientific and does exactly what our incompetent governments cannot do: namely it gives solutions and starting points.…/coronavirus-der-hammer-und-der-tanz-ab…

This article follows Coronavirus: Why You Must Act Now, with over 40 million views and 30 translations. If you agree with this article, consider signing the corresponding White House petition. Translations available in 14 languages at the bottom. Running (and partial) list of endorsements here. 3 million views so far.

Here are the translations currently available:

Chinese Traditional (
full translation including charts, alternative translation)
Portuguese (alternative version)
Icelandic (alternative translation)
Bahasa Indonesia
Czech (alternative translation)

Regards and a good night from Venus


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