Germany: 2.500 piglets burned alive!


Terrible fire drama in Herne, Germany!

A pigsty near the city limits of Bochum was on fire on Wednesday, March 18, 2020 afternoon.


The column of smoke reached several hundred meters into the blue sky.

Eyewitnesses reported a loud bang before the fire broke out.

The police announced on Thursday (March 19, 2020) that, to date, everything indicated a technical defect (!!!). In order to be able to completely rule out arson, one has to wait for the results of the investigation next week.

The fire brigade was on site in the afternoon with around 100 emergency services.

All 2500 piglets died in the flames, the Bochum police said on Thursday morning.

A 30-year-old employee was seriously injured and was flown to a special clinic by rescue helicopter.

He continues to be in mortal danger.


In addition, a fireman was slightly injured and is now fine. The barn has been completely destroyed, the fire fighting continued until late at night.

The building has partly collapsed.

And I mean…To date, 93 “Corona” deaths have been reported in Germany.
The horror reports are hourly.

2500 dead living beings in a few hours and that’s no news.
When it comes to animals, death is not a tragedy.
Death is a tragedy only for people.

The stall fires in Germany have increased suspect this year.
The number of victims burned to date in German stables is over 10,000.

But nobody cares! everyone is busy with the supply of his toilet paper.

My best regards to all, Venus

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  1. With existing humanity immersed in immorality, these poor pigs were doomed to be violently killed still at birth, which is what happened. The ‘owner’ will collect the damage from the insurance and will be satisfied. Only pigs are at a guaranteed loss.

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