and people get excited about a curfew..



For us human animals, the lock will soon be over.
The life of the non-human animals is an eternal Treblinka.
Carnivores! now that we all have to stay at home, finally learn to cook vegan!

My best regards to all, Venus


One Response

  1. Dear Venus, it appears controversial, strange, but clear! Satellite images and withdrawals from certain waterways are showing that the lack of “anthropological action” improves air and water… dolphins are back as well in Venice harbor!
    The SARS-CoV-2 virus and its general stop of most human activity have improved climate quality incredibly. But I’m so afraid many poor creatures are still inside cages, many others abandoned because their human friends are dead or sick…
    Maybe we needed to have this test, terrible for its huge deadly force, to understand, to open our eyes to the need to radically change our behavior?
    It is embarrassing. Heartbreaking. Yet real.
    Perhaps many understand what it means to be “trapped in the house” despite the ease and space very different from that of a metal cage. And maybe yes, some people will learn to cook vegan/vegetarian…
    But I am so afraid that, once this nightmare is over, how well I know Man and his arrogance and nonsense to the tenth power, he will start all over again with his usual speciesist strength. Stay in good health!

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