The animal industry only produces victims


The case has already been reported to the European Animal Disease Notification System. The first suspicion arose on March 18, then confirmation on Saturday, reports the trade magazine

The company is located in western Poland, around 65 km from the German border near the city of Grünberg.



More than 23,700 pigs are affected, including almost 8,000 sows. 135 pigs are said to have died at the ASP.
The authorities have ordered the immediate ” culling” of the stock and set up protection and surveillance zones.


After the last press releases, bird flu (avian influenza) has now reached its first large-stable in Germany.

For all birds caught in it, including the healthy ones, this means the death sentence.

My comment: African swine fever (ASP) has now arrived on a farm in western Poland. Not yet in Germany, but hysteria against wild boars has broken out like a pandemic, and tens of thousands of animals are at risk of “culling”.

Imagine that you would currently do the same with the Corona infected?

There were 599,855 wild boars shot in Germany in the 2018/19 season. Preventive only!
Innocent victims for a man-made illness.

All point a finger at the wild boar. The pathogen only migrates through wild boars about 20 kilometers a year. The government does not speak of hunting, but of disease control !!!



Crashed animal transporters, burning animal factories and slaughterhouses, pigs suffocating in fattening rooms, agonizingly dying animals because they are not cared for, and countless victims of man-made animal diseases, that is the sad result of 2019: the animal industry not only produces victims in the slaughterhouse, but already the cruel way to get there.

At least 20 million pigs annually do not survive the torture of breeding and fattening.


What the agricultural industry and its lobbyists proclaim is false and criminal as anything and everywhere where corporations and large capital exercise their power. It’s all about maximizing profit, everything else is subordinate.

For this they go over corpses, not just animal corpses, they act against all of nature, against our planet in general, ultimately against all of us.

Let us remember this dramatic situation.
We need it for the next pandemic.

My best regards to all, Venus


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  1. Those people who in the 21st century the animal holocaust still call : ”animal agriculture” and ”industry”, and those who pay for it – are immoral, criminals, pests, murderers of animals and humans, dangerous waste on planet Earth.

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