Italy: Detective work against poachers



Nest guarding in Sicily: In order to monitor the nests of the endangered hawk eagle, the members of the Italian conservation group Gruppo Tutela Rapaci started their work in Sicily with the support of the Committee against Bird Murder.


Hawk eagles do not breed in captivity and therefore cannot be bred. This is why nest predators target eggs and young birds of the strictly protected bird – with them they can get the highest prices for some unscrupulous animal collectors or falconers.

Since we have been consistently guarding the nests in Sicily, the number of broods robbed has decreased by more than 90%.

Since curfews apply across Italy due to the corona crisis, the teams have regulatory approval for their work.

Without our presence, poachers would have a very easy game in the current situation, because the police are now entrusted with more urgent tasks than ever.


Thanks to Angelo Scuderi for the great eagle photo!

Committee Against Bird Murder e.V.


My comment: In Germany, rifles, poison and traps are the usual methods used by the perpetrators. We speak about really professional methods here, for example live bait.
They release pigeons whose back feathers are prepared with poison.

These animals are released in the middle of a hawk territory – with the aim that the raptor grabs them from above and dies from the poison on their back feathers.

Poachers of raptors in Germany are among hunters.

Because someone has to know very well which trees they are sitting in, where they are going to catch prey and other things.
The hunters know that.

A further indication is that hunting ammunition is always discovered in the carcasses of the raptors, which are usually only used by hunters.

So far, it has usually been the case that most investigations are ended without result and the perpetrators get away unscathed.

At least in my district, I don’t know of any judgment that has been posted for illegal wildlife killings.

“In the past, the insane, murderers, sex offenders or addicts were in institutions.
Today they are in hunting associations “.



My best regards to all, Venus

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