Germany: Executioners complain



The corona crisis doesn’t stop at butcher shops either. “Our sales are no longer enough to keep the company alive,” says Richard Mischau, managing director of the traditional Berlin company of the Mischau sausage factory.

On Facebook, his sister Britta Mischau (49) therefore made a moving appeal to the Berliners: “Buy from your trusted butcher. Help us and all medium-sized companies to survive. ” (!!!)



With its sausage and meat products, the company (known for its curry sausages) supplies many caterers and canteens, the university and the parliament.

But they’re all closed now. “Last Monday alone, we had 35 percent less sales.” A lot more has been closed since then. Mischau sent their 72 employees on short-time work. The production works only half a day.

But there are also difficulties. Britta Mischau to the Berliner Zeitung: ” The raw material Meat is becoming scarce.” The slaughterhouses mainly work with foreign columns from Romania, Bulgaria or Poland. “They are head over heels back to their countries,” says Britta Mischau.


The goods they ordered for further processing were not delivered on Friday. “We don’t slaughter ourselves. Nobody in Berlin does that.

We mainly process already dismantled and prepared goods. Now we have to buy large pieces (!!!) and disassemble them ourselves, ” says Britta Mischau.
More work with less staff.


To compensate for the slump in sales, they keep their factory outlet in Spandau, Berlin, open – in the hope that customers will come to them.

And I mean…When the French Revolution occurred on August 4, 1789, about 200 executioners became unemployed.
At the time, they wrote a letter to the then revolutionary government.

In this letter they brought up the argument that their entire profession is facing the economic abyss, a disaster! because the executioners had to feed several thousand people with their families. So … the impossibility of executing more people would make many people hungry.

After more than 200 years, the executioners of animals claim that they are facing the economic abyss.

Viruses spread at lightning speed in slaughterhouses and factory farming.

Right now, in the Corona Krisis, where governments have paralyzed everything, endangered the existence of millions of people and face disobedience, the slaughter industry, including animal transports, is now unaffected and everything is running as before.

Cruelty to animals in slaughterhouses, animal transports, animal breeding, factory farming, dairy industry … is still tolerated.



This system has to be shut down just like everything else currently. Nobody needs it to survive.
It is sick, dangerous and bad for the earth, humans and animals.

And the modern execusioters should stop whining and learn a new, decent profession.


My best regards to all, Venus


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