Respect for Russians!



One hundred Russian military medics and disease specialists were airlifted to Italy over the weekend, landing at Pratica di Mare Air Base 30km (18.6 miles) from Rome.

The team, deployed to help Italy in its fight against coronavirus, brought mobile laboratories, disinfection vehicles, coronavirus test kits, and other equipment to battle the disease.

Italy is the hardest coronavirus-hit European country – the total number of cases has approached 70,000, while the death toll is already twice as large as China’s.

Northern Italy has been affected the worst, with around a half of the nation’s cases originating there.

Thank you Russia!

Good to know who can help you in difficult moments.

Here is one of the nicest comments: “I have many relatives in Italy, I would like to say “thank you” to Russia.

Did you notice that the BBC says nothing? why? because it’s a State Broadcaster and very biased, if you want the news don’t look at the BBC”.

Regards and a good night from Venus


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