The Chinese Get Worse Each Day. Now They Say Injecting Bear Bile Will Act As A Treatment for Covid 19. Petition – Please Sign.

SIGN: Stop China’s Promotion of Bear Bile to Treat Coronavirus

Believe it or not; now the China’s National Health Commission is recommending an injection containing bear bile as a treatment for COVID-19, despite the World Health Organisation insisting there is currently no cure for coronavirus.

PETITION TARGET: National Health Commission of the People’s Republic of China

In a disappointing step backward for animal rights and human health, China’s National Health Commission is recommending an injection containing bear bile as a treatment for COVID-19, despite the WHO insisting there is currently no cure for coronavirus.

Bears harvested for their bile are subjected to excruciating and invasive extraction methods, including cutting a hole in their bodies and forcing a metal tube through the wound. Kept in cramped cages, they suffer from starvation, dehydration, infection and other untreated medical problems. These bile farms, like live animal markets, are potential environments for bacterial infections and viruses to “make the jump” from animals to humans.

Shockingly, Tan Re Qing, a medication that includes bear bile, is recommended on a government-sponsored list of suggested coronavirus treatments. China is supposed to be curbing their wildlife trade because of its link to spreading zoonotic disease, and this directly contradicts that effort.

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, which started as a result of poor animal welfare standards, enough is enough. By recommending bear bile as a COVID-19 treatment, the Chinese government is encouraging animal cruelty and prolonging the wildlife trade, which poses a global health risk. China has made tremendous progress with its recent ban on wildlife consumption, but we must implore them to broaden their scope and end all wild animal exploitation.

Sign this petition urging China’s National Health Commission to remove Tan Re Qing from its list of recommended coronavirus treatments and to ban the use of all wild animals in medicine.

Please sign the petition via this link:


Thank you.




2 Responses

  1. No one wants to generalise and say an entire nation or region of people (for all humans are of the same species) are alike or all good or all bad … but when will you torturers of dogs and cats, you abusers of bats and rhinos and tigers, you bile-bleeders of bears STOP??!! When will you LEARN?? We are in the middle of a deadly human-mauling pandemic. It began in China at your so-called “wet” i.e., torture markets, and still amidst this plague, you begin to STUPIDLY recommend the useless, non-solution of best bike?? NO! The solution is to stop eating meat, and certainly wild animals that harbour strange viruses. WAKE THE HELL UP.

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