Cleveland Clinic Labor: a gang of Frankensteins

Animals were injected with toxins that damaged their bodies, cut open with minimal pain relief, deliberately bred so that their internal organs would protrude outside their bodies, and kept in severely crowded cages.


Skulls Cut Open

Experimenters at the Cleveland Clinic call it a “cranial window.” Less euphemistically, it’s a hole in a mouse’s skull exposing the brain and covered by a pane of glass.


Animals with their insides hanging out

Experimenters at the Cleveland Clinic deliberately breed mice who are prone to pelvic organ prolapse—in which the uterus, bladder, or rectal tissue falls out of place and even protrudes outside the body.


Paralyzed mice drag themselves along to eat

Experimenters injected mice with a chemical that caused an inflammatory disease of the central nervous system, which left them struggling to walk and dragging their hind legs.

You Can Help these Animals!

PETA has submitted these findings to NIH and has requested an investigation. Please join PETA in calling on NIH to stop funding cruel experiments at the Cleveland Clinic, beginning with the Frankensteinian cranial window experiments. (The petition is also in the link. Sign and share)


For more…at:


My comment: The neurosurgeon and brain researcher Professor Robert Joseph White from Cleveland, Ohio, was a recognized surgical technician in the 1980s and spent decades in this horror laboratory dealing with the problem of head transplantation.
White beheaded rhesus monkeys and put his head on another monkey’s.

The inverted heads remained functional on a foreign body for a maximum of seven days: they could see, hear, feel and, as far as possible.

White said he would not hesitate to transplant human heads: “The technical problem has been solved,” he said at the time.
“It would be even easier for humans than for the much smaller rhesus monkey. We don’t have to wait 200 years, we can do it right away.”

This “science”, which White tried to practice, already meant fidgeting and desecrating the primates, consuming them by the dozen, leaving them paralyzed, vegetating them for a few days and then moving them towards the garbage like a broken toy throw.

The most heinous and frightening thing of all about this research practice was the indifference with which such (practically) illegal crimes against animals were committed.
Obviously, and after today’s undercover investigation, not much has changed in Cleveland Clinic Labors.

I can only say one thing: The human experiments in the concentration camps during the Nazi era should also serve non-profit medical purposes.

My best regards to all, Venus

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